extreme gender expression
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A friend of mine likes to come up with crazy costume theme parties, and this Friday is X-TREME Gender Expression Night...

Basically it's exactly what it sounds like: dressing up like some caractiture of your gender, another gender, or some mix of genders (beard and cowboy hat on top, mini-skirt on the bottom, etc).

But, as open-ended as it is, both myself and my male date stuck for ideas beyond "barefoot and pregnant" or an Amazon (I draw the line at actually cutting off a boob) or a rabid football player. We need more ideas! So, AskMe, if you wanted to dress up as ridiculously female, or ridiculously male, or ridiculously hermaphroditic, what would you wear? Feel free to exploit any and all stereotypes, we're expected to be X-TREME after all.

(thought this should go under society and culture since it is a party and gender expression is somewhat culturally based :P)
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The Virgin Mary/Whore, priest/nun, Zeus/Venus?

Gun-toting militia member, top-gun pilot?
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Your fella might try this mullet-enhanced 'Lignum McPriapus' look. With a good deal of foam padding and a deft hand you might be able to whip up one of these archetypal ladyshapes. Good luck!
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Prom Queen/Quarterback
Gorgeous Model/Billy Joel or Rod Stewart
Soccer Mom/Deadbeat Dad
Both go as Pat from Saturday Night Live
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oooh, maryh! Nicely iconic.

I was thinking along the same lines -- half Aphrodite, all flowing Uma Thurman hair on top, and half Pan, all goaty goodness on bottom.

Or Tori Amos on top, and Robert Plant on bottom. Tight white pants, with extra stuffing at the crotch.

Or you could be my all-time favorite androgyne, Marc Bolan, and your fella could go as Ziggy Stardust. Or vice-y versa. Glam it up.

I like the way your friend thinks.
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Caveman is perhaps a bit too obvious - there will may be others coming as the same thing. Which could be cool - you could get together form a tribe and then get all territorial over the snack table :-)
Caveman and ultra-sophiticate socialite could be a cute combo.

Jane and Tarzan, Ho and Pimp, would be gender-charicature costume staples. Dominatrix or Catwoman are also gender stereotypes.

Uber-frumpy housewife,

1950's ideal of the housewife, and matching 1950's pipe-smoking no-nonsense father-figure.

More ideas may follow. No, the quality will probably not improve :)
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Knight in shining armour, with matching damsel in perpetual X-TREME distress, unable to so much as step over a puddle without her Knight to help her.

pizza-stained wife-beater-wearing slob with beercan glued to one hand, actually scratch that one - costume parties are way better when people dress up, not down.

Another one might be to go online, and find some of those (usually joke) lists that people make about what's wrong with the other gender, or how the gender could be improved, and use it to devise The Perfect Man and Perfect Woman, but taking each point to it's extreme, so the result is something quite creepy, giving a very strong "be careful what you wish for - you might just get it" theme. I have no idea if/how this would work out, you'd probably want more than just the two days remaining to design it, especially since it might simply suck :)
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Have you had enough of Michael Jackson?
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This reminds me: last Halloween, a friend was looking for a gypsy-type costume, and the site she found it on had a costume of a giant clitoris.
No joke.
I think it was 'ecostumes.com' or something.
Kinda' looked like this:
*tiptoes away, embarassed*
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You could do an iconic couple-type thing. But the difficulty there is the costumes isn't it? I mean, how do you dress up as Hepburn and Tracy? Of course something where the individuals were also iconic, like Marilyn & DiMaggio, might be easier...
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Male: combover, moustache/goatee, eyepatch, chewed on cigar, shirt one size too large, tie with stain, pleated pants, tattoo on upper arm, (or sleeveless shirt, khakis, Tevas), pinky ring, construction lunchbox, parrot on shoulder, bottle of cheap beer, copy of Maxim, remote control

Female: Cellphone, nurse scrubs-top, plaid schoolgirl skirt, pregnant, nun's habit, fishnets, stillettos, big hoop earrings with your name in the hoop, apple with one bite out of it, feather duster, lower back tattoo, tattoo on left boob of a rose, half-apron with baby bottle, fur coat, enormous purse containing several smaller purses
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My ex-wife and I went to a costume party dressed as a plug and socket. I was the plug.
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Try reversing genders for added fun - you go as a perfect/extreme/iconic/whatever male and he goes as a perfect/extreme/iconic/whatever female. If you've never done that kind of drag, it's a hoot, and this sounds like the perfect time to give it a shot.
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You know what's perfect for these kinds of parties? Go as Republicans. X-TREME Republicans. I'm talking red, white, and blue...big hair...bibles in hand.

Loudly condemn the evil ways of your fellow party goers.

Back in 2000, my girl and I dressed like this for one of the gayest costume parties I've ever been to. I hit on all the drag queens and asked them if they'd like to have my babies and cook my dinners. I loudly ordered my sweetie to bring me a beer and then flung the empties at her.

I smoked cigars and told everyone that George Bush was going to save us from the wicked sodomites. When the conversation turned to gardening, I told all of the gay men that they sounded like a pack of sisses. Then I told them we should all go to a titty bar.

I was such an ass, a few of the "ladies" didn't get the joke and asked the host to ask me to leave. I stayed in character all night long until we got ready to leave and the host kissed me and I started singing, "It's raining Men."

Oh, and I had a "tattoo" that said, "WWGWBD?"
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Speedo plus cucumber=Extreme Male "expession."
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Junior League of Super Heroes.

Super Heroes are usually exaggerated versions of gender/sexuality. Junior Leagues are organizations of (usually) married women to help the community.
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George Bush in the flight suit?
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