Why won't my PC recognize my iPod?
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iPod Filter : Why won't my PC with the latest iPod updater and iTunes software recognize my second generation iPod?

Finally, for the first time after getting the right firewire adapter, I am trying to update my second generation iPod (December 2003) via my husband's Compaq laptop. I've only updated it via Mac before, but unfortunately, my iPod and iBook do not play well together as the latter lacks firewire capability and the former currently lacks a USB cord.

I have previously tried, unsuccessfully, to get my iPod to update from my computer. I can get the iPod icon on the desktop, but can not get it to load in iTunes.

I originally chalked this up to a problem with the iBook (which is old. And orange.), but I'm having the same issue with the PC. iPod shows up as "external drive" on My Computer, but does not load in iTunes.

What gives? How do I fix this? I'll restore factory settings if I absolutely can not fix it any other way, but there are somethings that I got from friends that I don't have backed up on either computer.

(PS : I ran iPod updater and it can not update the iPod and displays "N/A" for all specs. The hell?)
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I'm confused... are you basically looking to have iTunes start when you connect the iPod? Is that the issue?

If so, start iTunes manually (with the iPod connected) and go into the iPod's preferences in iTunes and flip the switch that tells it to launch iTunes when the iPod is connected.

If that's not what you're asking... I don't understand what you're asking.
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Response by poster: I've got iTunes running. I've got the iPod plugged in. I've got the iPod showing up in "My Computer" - my problem is that the iPod is NOT showing up in iTunes despite the fact that the program is running and the iPod is plugged in.
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iTunes includes a Windows service to "look" for iPods, which works in conjunction with QuickTime. In your shoes I would uninstall iTunes and reinstall a new version; I would also download and install the newest version of QuickTime.
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Make sure you're using Windows XP Service Pack 2. Although your 2nd gen iPod doesn't require it necessarily, are you using 6pin firewire, or a 6-4pin adapter? The 4pin firewire ports don't provide power (just data) to the iPod. This might be causing your troubles.
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Response by poster: I have the newest version of iTunes and QuickTime running. I also have a 4pin firewire adapter, but the iPod is fully charged so this shouldn't be an issue.

What is this "Windows XP Service Pack 2?" I downloaded iPod updater and related software from Apple last night, so this should be the most recent version.
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I may be wrong, but dont PCs and Macs format the ipod using different file systems and as a result the Ipod will need reformatting for windows to be able to read it?
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Best answer: Right: you need to reformat (i.e., erase) your iPod before it can be recognized by a Windows PC. The disk that came with your iPod will let you format it either way.
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Response by poster: I don't have the disk, but I downloaded the software.

Reformatted. Have success.

Have minimal sadness at losing a few albums, but much happier to be able to update iPod at will.

I feel foolish for not having considered this before, but formatting hadn't crossed my mind at all. Thanks MeFites!
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