Looking for a low-budget Xmas getaway from the East Coast.
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One person, I want to get out of NYC for a simple, quiet vacation at Christmas/New years; but on a real tight budget. A place to hike, read, sleep, or CCski. A cabin in the woods? A beach?Bed and Breakfast out of my range right now. Something available thru Amtrak or a bus. Go south?Any ideas?
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A mountain in Canada?
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It's be really helpful if you could give us an idea of your budget. A "tight" budget could mean $100, $500, $1000, depending on your perspective and how many days that budget is supposed to cover. An overnight trip? A week away?

Do you have friends who'd let you camp out in a spare bedroom if they're away traveling? Offer to house-sit or pet-sit in exchange for a free place to stay. Lots of people travel during this time frame and you could easily do this if you know the right people.
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Check out outdoors organizations in New York. There may be group holiday bus trips to ski areas which would lower your costs. (But diminish the solitude part).
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We love Phoenicia - there's so much to do, especially the Phoenicia Lodge. They're pretty reasonable, and great people. I believe there's a Trailways bus to get there from NYC.
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