Soup Ideas for Leftovers?
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What kind of soup should I make with leftover Italian pot roast?

I made an Italian pot roast with red onions, celery, red wine, olive oil, and plum tomatoes. After eating the roast, there remains ample broth which I would like to make into a soup. What should I add to the onions, celery, and tomatoes? Bonus points for low-carb options.
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Italian Wedding Soup! Add green vegetables, like spinach, escarole, etc. It also tolerates a small portion of pasta (usually bowtie?), but you can 86 that to save on carbs. If there's left-over meat, get that in there, and you may want to thin with water or chicken-broth. The tomatoes and red wine will be a little out of place, and this usually has a clear-broth base, not a beef-broth base, but who cares?
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Make an approximation of minestrone with ribbons of tuscan kale or savoy cabbage, some cannellini or borlotti beans, summer squash and a parmesan rind. I also like to throw some fennel in, but whatever works.
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It wouldn't include all the vegetables, but beef pho recipes are great. Slicing the roast thin and laying it over a flavorful Vietnamese broth with noodles and scallions could work.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the wonderful ideas!
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