Gimme that Old-Time Synth Music: CA East Bay Edition
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CA East Bay Area Electronic Music: Where can I find it?

I love electronic music, I love live music, but it all seems to be happening in San Francisco. I could find a dozen East Bay venues for punk, metal, folk, hip hop, or just bout anything else, but I have no clue where in the East Bay to go for Electronic Music*.

*A broad category, I realize. I'm looking for everything from one guy with a bootleg copy of Ableton Live to a phalanx of black-tutlenecked, Moog-wielders.
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Are you only looking for people making electronic music in front of you, instead of DJs mixing, stretching and blending things?
posted by filthy light thief at 4:15 PM on November 2, 2011

Back in the day, I could have helped you out as I was friends with a guy that ran a label (including a VSnares release!)/record shop/recorded out of Berkeley, but unfortunately he's passed away.
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Response by poster: filthy light thief, at this point I'd settle for just about anything. I'd prefer a live performance but I'll dance to anything (by Depeche Commode).
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Go to whatever party you can find, be it in SF or whatever, and collect flyers. I'm sure you'll find ones in Oakland.
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try as a starting point
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Brian Tester from Triangle (MNDR's old band) seems to have his tentacles in lots of Oakland-based projects. One of the latest ones is "Third Wheel, a Brian Eno cover band with members of Grass Widow, New Thrill Parade, Family Matters, Jen Weisberg Experience, and Triangle." Maybe you could look into some of those names...
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Try Or maybe the Layover bar. They have dj's all the time.
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Every Wednesday:
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To expand on that, I haven't personally been to ecstatic dance in oakland, but went a bunch of times in Davis, and heard that the Oakland events are great. There's a real community there around, well, dance and electronic music.
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