Office of OS 9 Macros not working too well in OS 10.4
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When I try running long complex macros in MS Word for OS X, created in Office for Mac OS 9.2, some of the macros are freezing/crashing. Perhaps even worse, the macros don't seem to be failing at the same point each time I try to run them.

Is there some global was to make VBA macros written in Office for OS Classic run better in OS X? Or, is it possible that the macros are getting corrupted when I've been e-mailing them to myself to transfer macro-containing templates?
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The only thing I can think of to try is to copy the VBA code out into a plaintext file, save it, then paste the code back into a completely fresh Word document.

It sounds like the macro is causing VBA to load some inherently unstable routine into memory. You could try pulling out bits of the macros to try to find the relevant piece of your code, but I'm not sure knowing which bit is loading the unstable routine will help you any, unless you can find a way to rewrite that bit of code without using the offending routine.
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