What should we ask for from Target?
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What have you bought and loved from Target?

I'm trying to put together a small wedding registry at Target. We have pretty much nothing of quality, but I don't want to ask our friends/family to spend a lot on us either. So Target it is! I'm interested in recommendations of specific items/brands from Target that you've had good luck with, though I'm open to general registry suggestions if you have those too.

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Most Target towels are pretty good, but the Thomas O'Brien ones are really excellent. The Woolrich down blankets (as mentioned in a previous bedding thread) are fantastic.
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When my friend did her Target wedding registry she and her fiance just walked through the store with the little electronic gadget, pointing and shooting all the stuff they liked but would never buy for themselves. She said it was a lot of fun, actually, and it was also fun for us to go back through and find a few odd things here and there to give them. This was years ago but I think I ended up giving them a huge flower vase and some blue glasses. So you might want to consider not being entirely practical and keep an eye out as you go through the store for purely fun and decorative things.
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We love these steak knives (especially for the price)

Also, Target carries the OXO/Good Grips line of cooking utensils, which are almost universally excellent
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Five pound bag of Sour Patch Kids. Seriously. Don't knock it until you buy a five pound bag of Sour Patch Kids.
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I recently bought a four-pack of all white, thin cotton flour sack towels to use as dishtowels. Can't remember the brand, but they're with cloth napkins and other kitchen linens. They are amazing. Absorbent, soft, just big enough, just small enough, and I can toss them in the laundry with a bit of bleach and they look like new.
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Are you asking specifically about Target brand stuff? Because if not, you can get all kinds of name-brand kitchen stuff at Target. In particular I am glad I paid extra for my good-quality:

Manual can opener
Ice cream scoop
Pizza cutter (useful for so much more than pizza: cutting crusts off of toast, trimming puff pastry, cutting pancakes into bite-size pieces for my kids, etc)
Stainless steel measuring cups
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I really like the Lock&Lock storage containers we got. I'd be happy with more, even. Seconding the Thomas O'Brien towel suggestion, too.
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I don't know if they still carry it, but they used to have an awesome Chefmate enameled cast iron dutch oven for like $40.

Cooks Illustrated does equipment reviews and has a two week free trial. The reviews that recommend more expensive brands that Target doesn't carry (such as Le Creuset) usually also have a "best buy" recommendation (such as the Chefmate) that Target might have.
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The Michael Graves collection stuff is nice, especially for the kitchen. If you don't have a 'proper' set of kitchen whatever that all matches and looks good, it's an easy way to pick one up at a very reasonable price.

That, and a George Foreman grill. I lubs my GeoFo. Never thought I would, but there you go.
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Do you bake? You should register for a Kitchenaid mixer. It's one of those things that last a lifetime and you won't ever feel like buying yourself.
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Their organic sheets (Target brand) feel nice and have held up well.

I got some of their house-brand tablecloths and napkins when I was updating my dining room recently. They cost half what similar items would cost a homestore and are perfectly nice-looking and wash well. It's not fine table linens by any stretch, but it's good everyday stuff, and they have an ever-changing selection of stylish colors and patterns. (Which is also to say, register for the sum total napkins in that color you will need ... they might not be back. If it was a color I knew I wanted to use for a long time and I usually need six napkins, I'd get twelve. If it was just a fashionable fun color I'd use for a few years, I'd get eight instead of six.) I think I got "room essentials" but I'm not positive from looking at the website.

Most Targets have a pretty decent luggage selection. And, yes, their kitchen section has plenty of name brands.

Some friends of mine who registered there registered for a Wii and a bunch of games and gaming storage, and people totally bought that before they bought, like, dishes.
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Don't forget about home decor. I've gotten LOTS of home decor from Target...curtains, curtain rods, picture frames, mirrors, lamps...etc. that have all worked out really well. I think I usually go for their HOME brand because of the affordable price. I've never had any problems with it.
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We registered for a bunch of board games at Target. They're in what I think of as the "Kids" section but is actually the "Toys" section, so you might not have noticed them if you haven't explored past the aisles of dolls and action figures. It's nice to have Taboo and Apples to Apples around for lazy weekend gatherings, and as far as I can tell no house is complete without a copy of Trivial Pursuit, even if you never play it.

This is the opposite of what you asked, but I would avoid anything from the "Room Essentials" or "R|E" brand. It's a Target store brand of housewares, and I've been universally disappointed by everything I've purchased in that line, whether a cheap bookcase or clothes hangers or kitchen gadgets. I keep saying "I'm never buying anything with that R|E label again!" but then a low, low price and pretty photo on the box tricks me into trying it once more. Ugh.
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Seconding the disappointment w the R|E brand; it's cheap but god does it show. The new target clothing lines, however, are fantastic and well priced.
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Don't forget outdoor furniture, luggage, and essential household hardware, like basic tools, a step ladder, etc.

And Target does carry large containers of Dr. Bronner's Soap (at least ours does). There's some awesomeness right there.
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This Rubbermaid spray mop is totally the jam. We bought it after our Swiffer WetJet broke, and we love it; sturdy as heck, the pads are reusable (and washable) and you can use whatever floor cleaner (or just water) you want.
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(It says "not sold in stores" on the Target website, but we bought ours in-store.)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! Keep it coming! And to clarify, no, it does not have to be Target brand, only available at Target.
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Seconding the Rubbermaid mop I picked one up from Target and love it. They have some nice lamps and frames I've got a couple of cute ones from there, pretty good quality. They have some good brands of cookware anything by OXO or Kitchenaid. Ive seen pretty nice every day plates and bowls but I don't have a brand, they also have lots of the Closetmaid storage/organizing items, which aren't maybe great quality but are handy. I don't have any brands for any of those, but I'd avoid anything REI or whatever the Target brand is what I've had didn't last 2 seconds.
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If you can find some that isn't too girly for your taste, the Shabby Chic bedding is very high quality. The sheets are soft but have a sort of "crispy", clean quality that make them exactly what you want to lie down on when you have a bad cold and are feeling kinda grungy and gross. And they've held up extremely well - they still look brand new and I've had them 3 1/2 years. Same thing will the Shabby Chic towels, duvet cover, etc. (I wish they'd start carrying the striped ones again, instead of all the lacy stuff.)
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The $15 Rival brand rice cooker! One of the best purchases I've ever made.
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Seconding the small rice cooker and the Kitchenaid mixer (I have a 4 cup version that's handy!)

Also I got a set of their highest thread count queen bed sheet sets and I've been quite happy with it (only owned it 2 months so far but it seems like it'll last well). It may sound cheesy but I've been eyeing some of their mass produced wall art, and they just started offering some selected Robert McClintock dog art, which I really like.
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Why not register for some DVDs/Blu-Ray movies that you don't have? I'd rather buy my friends a few movies that we both loved and they didn't own than a set of dish towels.
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The only thing I buy with any regularity at Target is their white sandwich bread -- so much cheaper than at the supermarket.
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I've bought some very excellent sheets with high thread count and they are my favorite sheets. Spendy on the Target scale, but oh how I love sliding into bed on those things.

Thirding the KitchendAid mixer.

Once in a while I'll find some heavy duty baking sheets.

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Thirded on the cheapo awesome rice cooker! We absolutely love ours too!
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Check on Target's returns policy for wedding gifts. You may be able to very easily return things you don't really need, and get the giant Lego set you've been wanting. Many stores are very flexible about returns for gifts if you had a wedding registry there, even w/out the receipt.
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Storage containers (Rubbermaid), wire shelving (it's not exactly industrial strength, but for holding boxes of crafts or whatnot, it's perfect), Calphalon pots and pans, Henkel knives, board games, and the best one: A ginormous blue rubber playground ball. The nieces and nephews ask for it every time they come over. Oh, and the towels. They've lasted longer than the ones I got at JCP.
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Ugh, this doesn't answer your question directly, but I'd like to share my experience; Target rotates their stock every couple of months, meaning if you register 3mos ahead of time in order to have the registry complete before your bridal shower and subsequently the wedding, a lot of what you registered for may already be on clearance (or totally gone) by your wedding date. That's how I ended up with an incomplete set of everyday dishware. Also, they are total bastards about not taking back things that you don't have a gift receipt for, even if it was on your registry. Just something to keep in mind.
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We registered at Target for our wedding and though we had a good sized list with a wide range of prices/products what we ended up getting the most of was Target gift cards. Which was awesome for months after, we got a roomba even. Also some bamboo sheets that have turned into my most favorite set of sheets ever, especially since we have 3 pugs that sleep with us meaning we wash the sheets a lot.
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useful stuff we got: metal bowls (bigger ones for salad, etc), garlic press, cutting boards, crockpot, coffee make that also grinds the beans.
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Wire shelving
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