How to print small batch of custom shaped magnets?
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I am trying to make a set of custom shaped and printed magnets in a small batch. Anyone have experience printing and cutting magnets? Or printing on magnetic sheet with inkjet/ using a digital die cut system?

I have been trying to make a small run of custom magnets. Getting actual dies created is turning out to be to expensive. I have been researching other options.

Places like this seem too expensive (I want to make small number 10-100 of each magnet but lots of different magnets)

I was wondering if I could print to magnetic sheet using an inkjet and use a digital cutting system to cut them out. (combining something like this with this)

It seems like the digital die cut system is mostly used for scrap booking, a little nervous about using it a bunch. Has anyone used anything like this?
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Might be able to help more; but have some questions: What size run / what type of image / how many colors / magnet dimensions / what shape?

Also: potentially cheaper would be a local sign shop. This is very commonly done, and depending on above factors (but mostly size of run) could be far cheaper than your other options.
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Originally, I was hoping to do 3 - 8.5"x11" sheets of cut outs of different shapes (not all squares or circles.) Maybe 30-100 of each sheet. Illustrator files, full color.

They don't have to be sheets, and they don't have to be full color.
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I don't think an inkjet would work. First, a sheet of magnetic plastic is too thick and too stiff to fit through. But second, an inkjet uses static electricity to direct the jet of ink, and the magnetic field would louse that up.
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You might print on adhesive labels, and stick those on the magnetic material.

The ink from my last inkjet printer was water soluble. Touching such a magnet with wet hands would ruin it.
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There are business-card sized magnets with adhesive. You can print on whatever paper you like and stick the paper onto it, and cut.
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