Are there any documentaries about comic book fans?
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Are there any documentaries about comic book fans as opposed to comic book creators?

I know about Morgan Spurlock's upcoming Comic Con documentary but I am wondering if there are any documentaries about comic book fan culture that have a broader focus. Basically I'm looking for something like "Trekkies" but about comic book fans, either in North America or around the world. (Ron Mann's "Comic Book Confidential" doesn't fit the bill, as it is mostly about comic book creators.) Thanks for your help!
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I've heard the mockumentary Comic Book the Movie depicts comic book fans quite well and has some actual fan interviews on the show floor. If you're up for some reading, I highly suggest Comic Book Culture for an in depth look at the folks who support the medium.
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Otaku no Video is partially fiction, partially documentary.
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There is going to be a reality show based out of a comic book store on AMC that I am sure will touch on aspects of what you are looking for.
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