How to get 3 TVs to show the same thing?
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How do I set up multiple TVs in a conference room to share the same presentation/video/etc.?

We currently have a flat screen TV in our conference room that is used for PowerPoint presentations. Because the room is too large for everyone to read the screen easily, we want to add two more screens which mirror the first one. Does a powered HDMI splitter like this one solve our problem?

I estimate that for each TV there would need to be 30-40 feet of cable run. The absolute difference between the monitors wouldn't be that far, but the cables would need to be run in the walls/drop-ceiling. The website for the HDMI splitter says that for our run-lengths, we should use thicker HDMI cables (22AWG vs 24AWG.) Is this true?

Am I missing anything?
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I definitely think you are on the right track. I am sorry if this doesn't answer your question directly but you can get the exact same splitter at less cost at Monoprice. They also have live technical help that will give you advice on the run and the correct HDMI cables to use for your runs.
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