I Need Help For a Torn Penile Suspensory Ligament
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Looking for an experienced, open-minded reconstructive urologist in the NYC area (NSFW).

My penis turns dramatically to the right when erect (it normally pulls that way, too, though less so). To be completely clear, I'm not referring to the curve or shape of my penis (dramatic penile curvature can be caused by disease), but to the angle it projects from my body. And I'm not referring to its vertical angle, either, but to its horizontal.

I'm fairly certain this right angling is due to a torn or damaged left suspensory ligament, from sexual trauma during intercourse. The thing is that although this seems to be a talked-about issue online and in medical literature, no urologist I've spoken to has been helpful. They generally misunderstand the issue as curvature of the penis itself because of disease.

Has anyone with this issue found a reconstructive surgeon able to help? I know there's someone in the UK, but I'm really looking for someone in the NYC area.

Thanks in advance.
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I don't have a recommendation, however I've been to enough urologists, and work with them almost daily to know that the first question they are going to ask is if it's causing you any pain or obvious downsides to it (trouble urinating, erectile dysfunction, etc.). If the answer is no, then a reputable urologist will probably not help you. At that point, your most likely looking for a plastic surgeon.

As much as guys love our junk, the surgeries that go on down there are usually pretty risky and at best, still in their infancy. So if it's just a self image thing, I would highly, highly recommend reconsidering, but if it's causing you pain or any other side effects, then tell the urologist that. You may need to jump through some hoops, and testing to get a surgery but I'm in the crowd that would say that's its better to be sure then sorry.
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I had an artificial spincter put in to solve a urinary problem caused by a broken back and I also had a penile implant put in. The same doc did both and the bladder switch works fine but the implant was a joke. The implant from my stand point was a gross lie. I would have it removed if possible. I have to fight the urge to go to the seminars the doc puts on promoting the implants and show them first hand what it really does. So my advice, what ever they do will only be worse and you can't have a do over so be very careful. Doctors lie too, sure they always have a good cover story but it really don't matter how many procedures they have done right if yours is wrong nothing they say can make it better. Like they tell people who go to go to Vegas, don't take anything so can't afford to lose. Are you willing to take that chance? I was, and I regret it big time.
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Call Planned Parenthood or a gay health clinic. I'll bet they will know some urologists who are more willing to listen. I understand that you feel that this is private, but it isn't pornographic or NSFW; you have a body part that needs medical care. Be quite forthright with a urologist, and tell them you want to know if there's a surgical solution, because it bothers you. That said, be incredibly cautious about surgery on your man-parts; it can be made worse. There are plenty of dreadful pictures of women with horrible results from breast implants, and that's a very common surgery.
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