"Yes, my account number is........."
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Need help wrangling account numbers/logins

I'm currently in the process of transferring several bank and credit card accounts from one bank to another, paying off old bills, and signing up for a whole new set of web sites (e.g. to pay my rent and other bills online). As a result, I am swimming in a sea of pieces of paper with account numbers, invoice numbers, logins, and credit and debit card numbers. I would love to put this all into a spreadsheet, but I don't have Excel, and I'd rather not keep this much personal info in Google docs, which is my usual spreadsheet go-to. I'm currently considering Apple's spreadsheet app, but even that is $20. Is there any cheaper or more practical solution I'm missing?
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LibreOffice is probably what you're looking for. Calc is basically its version of Excel. Free download, works on all major OSes.
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Best answer: KeepassX is an open source cross-platform password manager that I've been using for a couple of years. You might want to check it out and see if it works for you.
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I keep all that sort of info in a simple encrypted text document. Gedit for Linux makes it easy, I assume there is something comparable for Windows or Mac.
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I like things like 1Password for that. What if your computer is stolen?
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Best answer: 2nd keepassx.
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If it's not imperative that you store this info in a spreadsheet format, you should just use apple's built-in keychain access app, which has secure storage for internet logins and text notes. If you have to have a spreadsheet, use LibreOffice or apple's Numbers to create the spreadsheet and store it in an encrypted disk image (DMG file, created through the disk utility app) to protect the contents.
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BTW keychain access is free and already installed, ditto disk utility. LibreOffice is free, Keepassx is free, 1Password is $50.
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Seconding LibreOffice on the Mac for spreadsheets. Also try LastPass for logins. Free or $1 per month. Free version has served me well for several years. Works with all browsers.
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