IT Inventory Asset Management for a small business
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Free or inexpensive IT asset management for a small business. What is everyone out there using?

The company I currently work for (60 employees.. about 15 of those remote) uses a Google spreadsheet for tracking all our IT assets including laptops, servers, monitors, software, leases, warranties, etc. It worked well for a while but in the past year it has started to cause more harm than good.

We have looked at some open source options like OCS Inventory, but the interface is horrid.

Before we go nuts an write our own app for this, please show us the way to a pre-canned solution. :)
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Spiceworks all the way!
posted by Disco Moo at 7:10 AM on November 2, 2011

Came in here to say Spiceworks as well.
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Response by poster: Yeah, Spiceworks looks pretty good but it seems VERY Windows heavy.
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Is the issue that it runs on Windows or that you have Linux or Macs to track? Our version gives basic information on Linux (including disk usage), and also has an option to show software for Linux machine. We also get the same asset, software and configuration information from our Mac scans as from Windows machines.
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Are your remote employees consolidated or at separate locations? Spiceworks supports remote collectors but they're meant for branch offices.

SysAid runs on Widows or Linux, and uses an agent instead of WMI. The free version allows two admins and 100 devices.
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