I don't want to wear something as noisy as Mister Fred Newman.
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I'm going to my first big adult night-at-the-theater thing. Except it's not a night at the theater, it's a night with Garrison Keillor and the cast of A Prairie Home Companion, and I get to go backstage! What do I wear?

So I bought myself the VIP ticket to both go watch the fine performance of A Prairie Home Companion, and then go backstage to mingle with others that are huge fans of the show, and most importantly, the cast themselves. What do I wear so that I've neither overdressed or under-dressed. I have shirts and ties, no full suit or a blazer, and I can run and get most anything Saturday before the performance if I need to buy something. What say you hive mind?
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If you want to tickle Garrison, wear red socks.
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I saw Garrison Keillor in a one-man performance and was tickled that he wore a suit and tie and bright red running shoes. Also: it was pretty much one of the greatest performances I've ever seen.
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Best answer: Man.... First off, I'm jealous.

Second, if you haven't seen/heard of the movie APHC that came out semi-recently then go there next, it might provide some insight. Ditto for youtube clips of audiences watching the show, just defer to the nicer incidents of dress in the audience.

Thirdly, in case you missed it and the meet-n-greet is before instead of after the show, keep in mind that Tom Kieth passed away VERY recently so don't slip up and ask where he's wandered off to or something.

Lastly, and most on topic, I'd go with blazer or shirt/tie (possibly a bow tie?) at the least. I don't think that would be too much and I would NOT want to be the underdressed one at this shindig.
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I think you should go as inverse Garrison: sweatpants, sweatshirt, and dress shoes.
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Also it might depend where you're seeing him, but I saw The Garrison at the Fitzgerald and people were dressed pretty casual.
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Came in to mention Tom Keith, too. So sad.
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Have a good time, and treasure the experience.
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I bought my dad Garrison Keillor tickets for his birthday year before last, with Steve Martin and Arlo Guthrie as guests, and he's still talking about it to anyone who'll listen - it's a fantastic show.

Red socks or red shoes are appropriate... and maybe a t-shirt like this one.
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Best answer: I've attended and been backstage to a few Garrison/PHC performances, and I've seen people in jeans and people in full on sparkly evening dress. I'd say go as casual as you want, but a tie wouldn't be too dressy, either. You could look at the pics of performances on their website for ideas, too.

Have a great time!
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Garrison Keillor: The Man on the Radio in the Red Shoes (2008) was on Netflix Watch Instantly awhile back.

A sport coat perhaps?
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Best answer: I sat backstage for a broadcast of APHC in the last year. It was a blast.

Everyone seemed to be wearing what you might if you were to go out for a decent dinner with your parents where important matters were to be discussed. Office attire or better. Don't wear black tie or anything formal. A suit on a man would be fine, but it's completely not necessary. There were plenty of women in dresses, but nothing formal or gowny. No reason to get the expensive jewelry out of the safe. Something less than job interview clothes, something more than first day on the job. Avoid sandals, flip-flops, shorts, anything with holes, logos, making a statement, and all but the nicest jeans.

My other advice to you is to WAIT after the show. Don't just get up and leave. Wait for Garrison to catch his breath and come back out. He'll surely talk to you face to face, just as he does all of the fans who gather at the stage to shake his hand or wish him well.
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So does this mean a mefi meetup for Deezil?
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I went to see him in Reno at a university some years back and not surprisingly much of the audience was dressed as University students. It really depends on the venue. If you're going to see him at a University then casual dress is fine - if at Radio City then dress up.

I will make it a point to see him again before his wonderful program goes away for good. When I first saw him live my thoughts were that he looked nothing at all like I imagined him to be. Let's just say that he has a face made for Radio.
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Best answer: Sport coat and clean crisp collared shirt: think "nice restaurant."

When meeting a celebrity performer, I think it's always nice to have ready a general and a specific compliment, each of which can be expressed in a sentence or two, e.g.,

General: "Tonight's show was really delightful, Mr. Keillor, and the funny thing is it felt just like spending time with an old friend after all these years of listening to you on the radio."

Specific: "I loved the Guy Noir sketch tonight, especially the line about the artichoke."

It's also handy to be prepared to tell a little about yourself, where you're from, and something interesting you do: if your job sounds kind of dull, you can say something like "I work in a bank, which is not very exciting, but it leaves me plenty of time for making butter sculptures."

After a few minutes, when there's a pause in the conversation, you can volunteer, "It was a real pleasure. Thanks so much!" and shake hands. That way he doesn't have to be (as usual) the one to signal that he has to move on.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I will be going at my Alma Mater, Murray State University this Saturday. There's some great info in here, and because I didn't catch it on the blue, this is where I learned (very sadly) of Mr. Tom Keith's passing. I'm going with a pair of black pants and a blue button up. I cannot wait for this Saturday. It's probably going to be one of the best times of my life.
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