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We're getting hitched! Now where do we honeymoon? June 2012, ok dropping some cash but not exactly sure of our budget, departing from the northeastern US.

Teradude and I are getting married next June. Yay!

We'd like to take a honeymoon. Our goals are to lie on a beach, swim, drink delicious things, have the option to just veg out but also have the option to do active things (snorkeling? deep sea fishing?). Oh, and sex each other, real good, a lot. Maybe 10 days? I'd like to stay in a nicer hotel that doesn't scream "generic resort!" but that feels like we are treating ourselves. Flying out of Boston.

Basically, we are not sure whether we will want to do little more than relax, so we don't want to take some "trip of a lifetime" and feel obligated to be more active than we want. We are thinking somewhere in the Caribbean or the Caribbean side of Central America but were hoping for some more specific ideas than that.
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Linden, Venezuela? I said that our travel location was for the Caribbean, hmm.
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Bermuda? Short flight, great beaches, snorkeling and fishing available ... pricey though. And you can't sex each other in public there. If that was your plan. *cough*
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Okay, I have not been, so take it fwiw, but Puerto Rico? I have been wanting to go myself, only reason I suggest it. Only other thing, a friend just came back from Aruba, he said it was CRAZY expensive, and also he thought it would be a tropical paradise but it turned out to be a desert isle. Sorry, I hope that is somewhat helpful.
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Puerto Rico is great. English is generally spoken there and it is very cheap and there are plenty of things to do.
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JetBlue flies directly from Boston (and pretty inexpensively) to the Bahamas. Me and the kids go a few times yearly and stay at a cheesy timeshare in Paradise Island.
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Puerto Rico!!!! My wife and I just went from October 3 to October 11 of this year for our honeymoon and loved it.

Memail me for specifics - we did exactly what you want to do, namely both relaxing and active things.
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We went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon and it was lovely. You'll be there during the tourist season, which I can't speak to, but during the off-season accommodations were tremendously reasonable. Arenal Observatory Lodge, a hotel on an active volcano, was pretty nice (although maybe more rustic than resort-y). We also had a fantastic time renting a cabin at Hacienda Baru on the Pacific coast. The beach is a short walk away and is (again, during the off-season) totally deserted in a way that is absolutely breathtaking. There are tours of the rainforest canopy and the nearby town (Dominical) has a surfer's paradise sort of vibe.

Re-reading your question, it's possible that our tastes run more to the rustic than what you are looking for. Driving in Costa Rica can be a bit harrowing, too. On the whole, though, it was a fantastic trip and I'd go back in a heartbeat.
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easy: puerto rico!

bioluminescent bays
etc. etc. fabulous!!!!
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I'd like to second Costa Rica. Volcanoes, beach, surfing, zip-lining through the rain forest (fun and an amazing way to experience all the nature) and it's relatively cheap/safe!
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The Grand Velas resort in the Mayan Riviera is AWESOME. It's a high end all-inclusive so it's kind of pricey, but they treat you like royalty and the food is great. You can just relax and drink and eat all day there, or you can also do tons of different activities in the area (Mayan ruins, snorkeling and scuba diving, zip lining, etc.) Cant recommend it enough. At least go to Tripadvisor and look at the pics.
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