Small, cheap wedding venue in Chicago for May wedding
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I am looking for a venue for a cheap, small (35 people), and simple wedding ceremony in Chicago in May 2012 and are looking for suggestions. We are looking for somewhere beautiful where we don't need to do a lot of set up but is also cheap to rent.
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I recently attended a wedding at the Waterfront Cafe, which is way cheap, already set up for you, and right next to the waterfront. Being that it is outdoors and at a cafe, it's not completely private, but I found that to be a positive rather than a negative.
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The bagatelle room at Maxim's/The Nancy Goldberg International Center is beautiful, seats 40 for dinner or 80 for cocktails and is $1,500 (weekday) or $2000 (weekend). You need catering brought in, but the man in charge (it's a City building) is great to work with and can help you find very inexpensive options.
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May in Chicago is dicey for weather. Chicago rarely gets a spring and that means brutal humid cold air off the lake. The chicago cultural center is a beautiful building right across from Millennium Park (the Bean specifically) and has gorgeous rooms available. I'm not sure if it qualifies to be cheap enough. But I think as far as value goes, it's right up at the top.
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You might also look at local galleries, which often have event space that rents fairly cheaply. The downside with gallery space is that it usually requires a lot of set-up, which you said you don't want. They tend to be more flexible about catering than "wedding" event spaces go, but that's often because they don't have kitchens and/or can't accommodate most caterers needs. So if you're happy with just cake and champagne at the event, or a boxed dinner event, or something other than a full catered meal, it's a great option.

Think Art rents for $275/hour, but is pretty spartan.

Mars Gallery rents the second floor (for about 70) for $200 an hour (2nd & 3rd floor rental is more, but more than you need).

Floating World accommodates up to 200 for $1500 (weekday) $2500 (weekend), all day rental.
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