What's happening in Spain next week?
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I'm going to Madrid and Barcelona next week. Anything amazing going on?

Hooray, I'm going to Madrid and Barcelona in a couple days! Specifically this Sat through Mon in Madrid, and then Tues through Thurs in Barcelona.

I've already seen the questions here on what museums/restaurants/etc to check out, so now I"m wondering.... can anyone recommend any special events that are happening? I'm thinking music festivals, flea markets, sporting events, art exhibits, anything and everything. Or maybe stuff that's good in general for this time of the year? The dates are Nov 5-10.
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I don't know but I'd revel in the fact the Basques are ending their violent campaign! One thing I've noticed about Spain is that you don't find the events, the events find you. It's that amazing when you walk around.
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I agree with InterestedInKnowing... there are always things to do in Barcelona. It's a great city.
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Doesn't seem like there's a ton going on in Madrid this weekend (you just missed Halloween, which is a shame). All I could dig out after a quick search is that you'll be arriving smack in the middle of the Madrid Restaurant Week, which may be a good chance to enjoy some fancy eats (essentially, you can have a set meal at participating restaurants for a bit over 25 €; list is in the link, but most of the establishments are on the posh side, so it should be pretty good value).

El Rastro, Madrid's massive flea market, is on every Sunday, so you could definitely go have a look if that's up your alley.

Oh, and you could have a nice walk in the Retiro Gardens — they are beautiful at this time of the year!
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I just got back from Madrid a couple of days ago. On the way home we discovered that we missed something really cool--the botanical garden inside the Atocha train station.

On Friday evening it was warm and we had a blast just walking around in the Plaza Calleo area and along Calle Gran Via. It's like Times Square with throngs of people, street musicians, peddlers, etc.

My two top tips for going to Spain from the US: (1) BYOTP and carry it with you everywhere, (2) let your bank know you'll be using your debit/credit cards there. I'm still trying to get my debit card out of suspension.
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You just missed the annual driving of the sheep through Madrid. That would have been the most awesome thing to see. I guess you could go to Valle de Los Caidos and celebrate the death of Franco a few weeks early. Throw a few black roses on his tomb. Restaurant Week is going on in Madrid which is a great opportunity to have a tasting at some excellent restaturants. The International Jazz Festival is also going on.
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