I need a phpBB calendar
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I'm looking to set up a calendar on a phpBB3 based company forum and would love some recommendations. Preferences inside.

The calendar is going to mainly be used to keep track of deadlines, project goals, etc.

Right now the company is just starting up, but we've also got a separate area of the site dedicated to helping others develop their own ideas, and would like the calendar to be able to eventually handle a bigger load. We'd also need it to be able to to either create separate calendars or allow us to toggle who can see and who can edit specific types of events.

We've got people (not me) who know what they're doing regarding the tech. end of thing, but obviously the easier it is to get up and running the better.
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Google Apps gives you essentially a white-label GCal. You can segment you calendars as you describe.

No need to reinvent the wheel- it even syncs with your desktop/mobile calendar, so you avoid the dreaded "I forgot to look there" problem.
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