Something like CiviCRM/Events/Contribute but simpler...
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I've been suckered in to finding a web app that will take a list of users, and flag up any who haven't paid subs by a set time. WorldPay (or similar) integration is required. My only thought is CiviCRM... can you suggest something better and easier to use?

They currently have 500-1000 members, who take part in a regular event (quarterly, I think). Before each event, all members have to pay their subs for that period or they aren't allowed to go to the event.

Currently, they do it by breaking the list into groups and making a group leader hound all of the group members. Details tend to get lost and people can slip through the gaps.

What they want is a magical tool that will know who everyone is, deduct money from their bank account, and tell tales on anyone who hasn't paid by the deadline.

My first thought was to set up CiviCRM with Events and Contribute, but I remember the world of pain that caused me last time - both in setting it up and in getting the non-tech-savvy admins to use it correctly.

Can anyone recommend a nice simple and easy to use system that will take a list of users, send them a mail telling them to give money, drag them to a recognised payment provider (I happen to know WorldPay, but I'm open) and flag up anyone who doesn't bother?

Bonus marks if it can also send out newsletters in a massmailing kind of way...
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Try looking for something integrated with Paypal. I think you'll have far better luck than with WorldPay.

I know there are some subscription/shopping cart plugins for WordPress that will do that you want, but it's been a while since I've delved into that area. So, that being said, look more thoroughly into aMember. That might do what you want, or at least put you on the right track to finding something that will.
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WordPress with Gravity Forms.
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