Turnkey OSCommerce hosting?
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Anyone have any experience with any turnkey OSCommerce providers? Good recommendations? Bad experiences? (I was amazed to find no dedicated threads in AskMe concerning turnkey hosting in general.)

By 'turnkey,' I wsh to clarify, I mean a no-IT-skills required hosting plan that provides a vanilla, unpopulated install of OSCommerce + https + (presumably) purchasability. I do want back-end ssh and MySQL access for certain things but the primary store maintainer envisions populating and managing the store entirely via flatfile uploads.

Whether or not OSC (or forks) can import-to-populate from flatfiles is unknown, but the closer objective is a one-day-to-launch store.
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metafilter is best of the web.

try webhostingtalk
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I've had a pretty good experience with Dreamhost recently, and in their control panel they have an option to 1-click install OSCommerce v2.2m2 (as well as phpBB, WordPress and MediaWiki).

Also, webhostingtalk is a good place to find hosting (try this search), but I don't think Ask MetaFilter is supposed to be the best of the web.
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Thanks boyos!
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