Yelp! for financial planners?
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As part of a gradual effort to bring order to our lives, my wife and I would like to talk to a fee-only financial planner, somewhere in San Diego. Where should we go?

I have fairly strong views about what I want from a financial planner (no commission-based compensation, willingness to accommodate my strong belief in indexing, etc.), but I don't know how to find such a person. I find the other professionals in my life by using Yelp! or on the basis of personal recommendations, but neither one seems to be adequate here. Does anybody have suggestions--either for a specific person, or a place to look to find such a person?
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I stumbled on this service a year ago and interviewed 4 fee-only planners they listed for my area, settling on one. No charge.
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Cambridge Advisors are fee-only and have a couple of members in the San Diego area. Disclosure: I used to work for the parent company.
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