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I am looking for a reliable and cost-effective manner to convert a single VHS tape to DVD. I don't have a camcorder or any other equipment to do the job and local shops have quoted me prices in the $100 range. I found several online set-ups that advertise in the $20 range, but I am looking for recommendations before I send the VHS tape off.
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I took the advice from a similar thread and purchased a VHS/DVD recorder. I then hooked it up, made my DVD, and promptly returned it to the store. They gave me a cash refund and I felt really guilty, but now I'm over it and my whole family has a copy of my wedding.

I still feel bad on the inside, so don't consider this if you are the worrying sort.
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I could probably do it. Is time an issue? Cause it might take me a bit to figure out the in and outs.

Also, I'd have to be completely forgiven if I somehow fucked up your tape. I mean, I wouldn't TRY to, but I'd feel like shit if I ruined your wedding tape.

How about I be your last line of inquiry?
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Oh, and because I've never done it before and it would be completely an experiment for me, I wouldn't charge you anything.

Unless, of course, you have an excellent spot on the route for Bacchus next year.
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There's a discussion of this at http://www.streettech.com

Basically, hardware to do something basic is going to cost $75 minimum. I would find a local computer club and ask around, or perhaps make a copy of the original to practice on.
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If there's a university or well-equipped high school in your area, go there and seek out some techie kid, who would probably only be too delighted to do this for you for the cost of, like, a sandwich or something.
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I sent you an e-mail ColdChef. Did you receive it?
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I did. Just responded.
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