Super soft shirt - but where from?
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I need a ridiculously soft white t-shirt to complete the perfect pyjamas, the most comfortable money can buy. What brands would you recommend, and where can I buy them (delivery by Friday to, or physically in, London)? Additionally, what goes towards making a t-shirt soft?
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American Apparel's shirts are really soft. They have stores in London.
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Yeah, I haven't been in anything softer than AA.
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You can get James Perse clothing at a few places in London--their tee shirts are expensive but very soft cotton.
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I love AA...but to be honest, I've felt up some VERY VERY soft Hollister shirts.

Check those out...they even have them in bufu you must have them in london.

REALLY soft.
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Specifically the American Apparel 50/50 shirt. MOST SOFTEST EVAR.
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Yeah, I assume some kind of terrible dark magicks are involved in American Apparel shirts, because they are seriously like the finest silken babyhide or something.
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(Keep in mind that they're sized to fit tight, so if you want something loose, go a size up.)
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Alternative Apparel Eco-Heather is pretty soft.
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If you're open to shirts that aren't 100% cotton, bamboo is known for being ridiculously soft. Shirts with modal content can also be super soft, but sometimes they can pill a bit and wear more than 100% cotton.
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Seconding James Pearse t-shirts. I love sleeping in mine... sooo so soft.. ahhhh.
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Well, if you're not exclusively considering cotton and price is not an issue, I'd recommend garments from Icebreaker. They use incredibly high quality Merino wool for their garments, and it is warmer, more breathable, and more comfortable than any other garment I've owned. I know what you're thinking- WTF, wool? I've always hated wool garments, and have bad memories of many a grandma-knitted sweater chafing my neck. Trust me- this stuff is different.
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Best answer: This is a little more pricey than AA, and without the sexual harassment concerns, but Norse Project t-shirts are like something from another planet: Planet Soft.
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the most comfortable money can buy

To push this to the point of absurdity, Zimmerli shirts are supposed to be really nice and they better be at $179 a pop.
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Alternative Apparel Eco-Heather is pretty soft.

They don't launder very well though. After about a year of normal wash & wear, they're annoyingly see-through.
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Best answer: I would suggest Sunspel - a classic english brand, top end construction and quality and unlike Zimmerli they don't use sea island cotton (which is a monopoly and so absurdly priced) so they are more reasonable.
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I bought some Calvin Klein tank tops at Costco recently that are soooooooooo soft (and cheap)
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Best answer: Seconding Sunspel - seriously good quality, incredibly soft.
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"Soft" t-shirts are clothing that need to be broken in, preferably (?) by you and your skin oils.

100% cotton break in relatively more easily than mixed/synthetic fibres. I don't have experience with bamboo fibre, but hemp clothing can be incredibly soft, but take significantly more breaking in than cotton.

Is a second hand t-shirt acceptable? Wash at the hottest setting a couple of times and then make it your own...?

EKStickland brings up an interesting point; in my experience with merino, the fibre ends aren't pointy/squared off; merino wool isn't scratchy (and I'm very sensitive to wool, normally).

But I totally stand by worn-in cotton. Hmm, as a shortcut, perhaps try to treat a new cotton t-shirt with lanolin or mink oil?
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As far as material, nothing seems to beat Combed Cotton.
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Best answer: My husband only wears ridiculously soft t-shirts made of pure cotton. Some of those I've observed as particularly soft come from Sunspel, Nicole Farhi and Nudie Jeans. You might also want to look at Folk in Spitalfields (conveniently close to Sunspel). He recommends taking a look at Brown's behind Bond Street Tube and Diverse on Upper Street. All these are pricy options.
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By which I meant to type, I recommend looking at. I can't yet read his mind.
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Thirding James Perse. They look fantastic after many washings and the fabric is wonderfully soft and smooth.
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I've never seen a bamboo t-shirt but bamboo towels are omg soft.
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Response by poster: Thank you all - went with Sunspel in the end, and very happy!
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