Keyboard Remapping in XP
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I'm already to used to my new Mac's keyboard. Unfortunately, I have to use XP at work. Is there a (preferably free) keyboard remapping program for XP? The only one I've found is a six buck download via
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SharpKeys works okay for me.
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MS makes remapkey.exe. It comes as part of Windows Server 2003 (works on XP too). You could probably Google for just the binary.

Win Server 2003
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You can make some changes in the registry to have the computer recognize the proper keys. Unfortunately, I have all of my remapping docs at home and I'm at work. Trying to find the information led me to this bit of freeware, but I've never used it, so don't know how well it works.

Here's the Microsoft page on remapping the keyboard. And here's a page with a link todownload the Scancodes you need.

If you still need help when I get home tonight, I can look through my notes.
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And now that I look through the rest of my open tabs, here's a tutorial of sorts from
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srburns is on to the best answer, I think. I was able to get that tool a while back, I forget exactly how but I remember MS required me to download some kind of .net developer kit or something. Anyway, I tried a bunch of other things and only the MS tool worked properly for me. (I used it to add easy ways to type Norwegian characters/accents on an American keyboard).
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I use KeyTweak. All I wanted to do was turn Caps Lock into Control.
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Oops, Moondoggie beat me to it. But unlike him I've actually used it :-). It worked for my extremely limited application.
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Thanks, Moondoggie.
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