Bounced track from Logic won't play in iTunes. Thoughts?
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Logic Pro 9 question: suddenly when I bounce a song from Logic to my desktop (in .aif format) and then try to play in iTunes, it will import into iTunes, but it won't play. I'm relatively new to logic, but I've done this before with no problems. What gives?

I feel like there most be a super simple solution to this that I'm just missing.

I bounce the track - PCM/.aif/normalizing - to a file on my desktop (just for organizational purposes). I then import it into iTunes. It imports, the track shows up, but when I hit play, nothing happens...just...nothing. It doesn't play. It doesn't play with no audio - it simply won't play.

Anyone know what might be going on here? Thanks in advance!
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Weird. Do other audio editors or players accept the file?
posted by krilli at 8:37 PM on October 30, 2011

Hmm. What other player could I try to open it with?
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What format is the .aif?

AFAIK, iTunes will only play little-endian 16 bit PCM .aiff. If you've accidentally changed the export setting to something else - e.g. Windows big-endian, or 24 bit - then iTunes won't play it.
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Thanks! That did it. I had it set on 24 bit. I had no idea iTunes wouldn't play that - good to know. Thanks Pinback. You guys rock.
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(P.s., I think iTunes will play 24-bit WAV files, so if you prefer using that bit depth you can try using WAVs.)
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