That little bitty teeny weeny thing they call the love bug...
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Love songs for the jaded but hopeful. Help me find some music to emphasize the high I'm on, without lapsing into irrational swooning over that certain someone.

You know that feeling when you've first clicking when a person, and you've just realized that this person you like, well they like you too? The happy reckless bouncy joy that seems unbounded and just makes you want to throw back your head and laugh and dance? Yeah. I'm there now, and I want some good music for it. My music collection is short of songs that aren't about dysfunctional or obsessive love, so I turn to you for help!

However, what I'm trying not to do is to lose myself in a classic "I need you I've got to have you or I'll die" swoonfest. I'm too jaded, been hurt too recently, and need to keep it... low-key. Just to give a taste of what I'm looking for, I found myself driving 100 on the free way to Livin' la Vida Loca the other morning, much to my eternal shame.

Got anything else that will make me feel as happy celebrating the buzz and the possibilities without making me into some gothic romance character?
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"2 Out Of 3 Ain't Bad?" -Meatloaf
posted by keswick at 12:26 PM on June 15, 2005

Hmmm. "I Found Love" by Lone Justice springs to mind. Very celebratory, that one.
posted by Decani at 12:27 PM on June 15, 2005

"I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing" and "Liberation" by the Pet Shop Boys.
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"Chuckie's in Love" by Rickie Lee Jones

"She Drives Me Crazy" by Fine Young Cannibals

"That's Amore" by Tony Bennett
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"This Must Be the Place" by Talking Heads. This one's good for long-term love, too.
posted by matildaben at 12:43 PM on June 15, 2005

"This Must Be the Place" makes me sad. I suggest "New Rose" by the Damned.
posted by scratch at 12:55 PM on June 15, 2005

I second those Pet Shop Boys songs (especially IWNDTKOT) and raise you Miracles by PSB.
posted by horseblind at 1:02 PM on June 15, 2005

Also Dreams by Cranberries, B├ęsame Mucho by Anna Fermin. All you need is Hate by Delgados (seriously, despite the name I think it adds a bit of levity.)
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As much as I'm afraid to admit liking it, "Hands Down" by Dashboard Confessional is the first song I thought of.
posted by knave at 1:11 PM on June 15, 2005

"Girlfriend" by Matthew Sweet is unbeatable. Seriously fucking unbeatable. Given that I have suddenly found myself (to my ever-lovin' amazement!) in a similar place, I've personally been enjoying "Even Better Than the Real Thing" (U2), "Slackjawed" (the Connells), and "Hypnotised" (The Undertones).

For one that's not specifically about the beginning of a relationship, there's always "Life Is Grand" by Camper Van Beethoven -- so bouncy and lovely and hopeful!

And life is grand
And I will say this at the risk of falling from favor
With those of you who have appointed yourselves
To expect us to say something darker
And love is real
And though I realize this is not a deep observation
To those of you who find it necessary
To conceal love or obscure it, as is the fashion

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Oh! And "Something So Strong" by Crowded House. Wheeeeee!!!!!!
posted by scody at 1:17 PM on June 15, 2005

Jammer, seriously, if this turns out anywhere near as good as the suggestions coming in are, I think a few of us want to see the final tracklist.

Not to derail here, but are there ever any MetaFilter CD trades as Monkey Filter does on occasion?
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Jennifer Paige - Crush seems to sum up what you're looking for.
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Band: Everything, cd "e:" The single on there is "Hooch" , but the whole thing is happy and boppy.
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Horseblind, Dreama does the MeFi swap, you might browse the archives. I think she posted about it recently.

As far as songs, try Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, and Cruisin' as done by Huey Lewis and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Yes, I said Huey and Gwyneth. Hmph. It's a fun song.
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"Just Like Heaven" - The Cure

"You Make Me Real" - The Doors (Has to be played loud, whilst wearing only underpants, and carrying a tennis racket to be used as a guitar - that's the law)

"Closest Thing To Crazy" - Katie Mellua

"Girl right Next To Me" - The Goo Goo Dolls

"Love Is An Arrow" - Aberfeldy

Sad, sad, sad, but true: "Sweet Caroline" - Neil Diamond

"You Turn Me On (I'm A Radio)" - Joni Mitchell

"Smooth" - Rob Thomas/Santana (Dangerously close to Ricky Martin territory, but we just want to be happy, right? Right?)

"Thank You" - Dido

"Somewhere In My Heart" - Aztec Camera (The song that you'll only admit to liking under torture)

"Witchcraft" - Frank Sinatra (Oldie but goodie)

"Ten Storey Love Song" - The Stone Roses (Awesome)

"Semi-Charmed Life" - Third Eye Blind

"Clues" - Paul Weller (Just about perfectly describes exactly how it feels to be in love)
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CD Swap
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Ouch. I cannot believe that someone recommended The Goo Goo Dolls, Rob Thomas, Neil Diamond, and Third Eye Blind in one fell swoop. (And next to Joni Mitchell, for shame!!)
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You just can't beat "Hope There's Someone" by Antony And The Johnsons. Beatiful, sad, haunting, and a tad hopeful of finding that "special someone."

The Antony And The Johnsons album - "I am a Bird Now" is amazing.
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The whole of "King" by Belly has a really great feel for this type of situation.
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"I'm Into Something Good" by Herman's Hermits is precisely about the situation you're in, jammer.

Also, try "Blue Sunday" by The Doors.
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work with me here...
David Bowie.
Particularly "Soul Love":
New love - a boy and girl they talking
New words - that only they can share in
New words - a love so strong it tears their hearts
To sleep - through the fleeting hours of morning

"Moonage Daydream":
Come on strong girl, lay the heavy trick on me
The church of man, love, is such a holy place to be
Make me baby, make me know you really care
Make me jump into the air

"Rock-n-Roll With Me":
When you rock 'n' roll with me
No one else I'd rather be
Nobody here can do it for me
I'm in tears again
When you rock 'n' roll with me

also "Modern Love"

New Order's "True Faith", "Bizarre Love Triangle"
Magnetic Field's "Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side"
Ronette's "Be My Baby"
Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" (am i pushing it?)
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"Baby Goes To Eleven" - Superdrag
"Headstart For Happiness" - The Style Council
"Timebomb" - Old 97's
"Praise You" - Fatboy Slim
"What Is The Light?" - The Flaming Lips

I also second "Girlfriend", and there should be some Teenage Fanclub in here somewhere but nothing's coming to mind just now.
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"Friday I'm in Love" by the Cure
"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" by the Ramones
"More" by Bobby Darin
"I'm in Love with a Girl" by Big Star
"Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off" by Hawksley Workman
"Til There Was You" by the Beatles

and a third nod for Matthew Sweet's "Girlfriend"
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Oh, and Cole Porter's "Let's Do It" as sung by just about anyone.
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Band: Camera Obscura
Example: Let Me Go Home

Band: The Shins
Example: Girl Inform Me

Band: The Lucksmiths
Example: Great Lengths

Band: weezer
Example: Falling for You

Robot Johnny: The Beatles didn't actually write Til There Was You. Of course, any number of Beatles songs might be appropriate here, although I'm not sure if they'd qualify as classic 'I need you I've got to have you or I'll die' swoonfests." But I'd recommend I Will from the white album.
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Other Old 97s songs to go with cali's "Timebomb" -- "King Of All Of The World," "Oppenheimer," "Rollerskate Skinny." Rhett Miller likes falling in love.

I really like the Herman's Hermits song "Something Good," which rocket88 mentioned.

Beatles: "I Should've Known Better," "I've Just Seen A Face," and many others.
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Might I also suggest "I'll Wear it Proudly" by Elvis Costelo.
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Costello, even.
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Seconding "I've Just Seen a Face" by the Beatles.

Also, lots of early Style Council singles -- particularly "Headstart for Happiness," "Speak Like a Child" and "My Ever-Changing Moods." And the Jam's "Boy About Town" is one of the breeziest songs to skip down a street to EVAR.
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Quartermass, isn't "Hope There's Someone" about death and the afterlife? It has nothing to do with love and romance. (It is a beautiful song/album though.)
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i too would have to say that i find "hope there's someone" almost unbearably sad, albeit in a wholly beautiful way.

the last boy i dated made me a really great first date cd which had all of those wonderful "yay you" songs without the angst and drama of capital-L Love. my favorites from that were "jorge regula" and "anyone else but you" by the moldy peaches.
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matildaben: probably - I haven't listened too closely to the lyrics. I just assumed it was about pining for someone to grow old with. Either way, I love it. Thanks for the link!
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Listen to the lyrics of "On a night like this", by Kylie Minogue.
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"I'm Beginning To See The Light." I'm partial to Peggy Lee's rendition. It's very "I've always been a very cranky and guarded person, and only meeting you changes that."
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Ok then, more Beatles songs:

All My Loving, And I Love Her, A Hard Day's Night, If I Fell, Michelle, In My Life, If I Needed Someone, Wait, Here There and Everywhere, Good Day Sunshine, Got to Get You Into My Life (yeah, I know it's actually supposed to be about weed, but the lyrics really don't give it away), When I'm Sixty Four, Something, and Oh Darling.

You could have a happy, loving, excellent-music time with just those songs, I reckon.
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I have to agree about Matthew Sweet's Girlfriend.
I'm also partial to Steve Earle's Fearless Heart, Bruce Springsteen's Crush on You and The Mavericks O What A Thrill.
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Go pick up a used Smoking Popes CD. Put it on repeat.
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Pretty much everything Sam & Dave ever recorded. Even the hurtin' songs.
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Also "California Stars" by Wilco.
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Y'all like a lot of crap. Third Eye Blind? Are you fucking serious?
Here's some power pop to celebrate with (though occassional downer lyrics will shade the songs):
Just What I Needed- The Cars
Dignified and Old- Jonathan Richman
La La Love You- The Pixies
The Good In Everyone- Sloan
Me and the Major- Belle and Sebastian
Gonna Get That Man- The Sashers
The entire fuckin' Ladies of Detroit Soul comp.
I Love You You Big Dummy- Buzzcocks
Swing Low- The Gossip (You can't have a sad song about cunnilingus)
Love Is The Drug- Roxy Music

Try some jazz:
A Love Supreme- John Coltrane
Ptah the El Daud- Alice Coltrane
Sama Layuca- McCoy Tyner

If you need more, just ask. But don't listen to a bunch of Third Eye Blind or Matchbox 20. That shit'll wilt your balls like a petunia in a hothouse, chief. You don't want to get to the consumation point and find out that you can't perform because you've been listening to mid-90s pap smears, do you?
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werd, klangklangston.
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The entire Yeah Yeah Yeah's album (Fever to Tell) except for the last song. It's upbeat but jaded. Perfect for you.

I'll second The Shins.
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Dude, the guy admitted to enjoying some Ricky Martin, lay aside your I'm cooler than all of you because my musical tastes are so superior and have some fun with it.
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"Eternal shame," Dagny. All I'm trying to do is keep him from further shame, which he will have to bear for all eternity. And that's pretty long. Longer than a Rush drum solo.
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Belle and Sebastian: Boy with the Arab Strap
Talking Heads: Girlfriend is Better
Pixies: Gigantic, Here Comes Your Man
Jawbreaker: Ache
Weezer:El Scorcho
The Killers:Mr Brightside
Elliot Smith:Say Yes ( "I'm in love with the world through the eyes of a girl who still around the morning after")
Built to Spill: Reasons ("You arrived and I'm on fire...")
Violent Femes: American Music ("I need a date to the prom, would you like to come along..")
Neil Young: Harvest Moon, Heart of Gold
Rolling Stones:Not Fade Away, Beast of Burden
Van Morrison: Jackie Wilson Said ("I'm in heaven when you smile")
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Following up on the Jazz bit(s):

John Coltrane - Your Lady

Awesome song. Starts out slow and gets right to it!! And then closes out the song gracefully. Definitely a tune that shouts "HEY! I FEEL GREAT ABOUT THIS!"

Elvin Jones (the drummer) is all over the place, but keeps a steady beat! Creating an exceptional feeling of happiness.
John Coltrane on the soprano saxophone, hitting all the notes he can. You can't help but feel amazement!
Both Jimmy Garrison (Bass) and McCoy Tyner (Piano) accentuate the song in all the right places.

In fact, I'm going to listen to it right now! :)
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I find it interesting that someone believes his government is torturing innocents and still applies the phrase "eternal shame" to listening to the WRONG music....
posted by dagnyscott at 7:37 AM on June 16, 2005

What an amazing bunch of suggestions, guys. It's going to take some time for me to go through and pick out my faves. And klangklangston, I'll listen to the Buzzcocks and Third Eye Blind at the same time, if it fits the mood I'm in. I don't give a damn. I feel good.

Thanks alot, folks. I'll flag some best answers once I've had a bit to go through this motherlode.
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I can't believe I didn't think of "Jackie Wilson Said". That one wins. Definitely.
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Oh YES! "Jackie Wilson Said" is wonderful! And, as a bonus, play it back-to-back with Jackie Wilson's "Nothing But Blue Skies." You'll be smiling so wide your whole face will hurt.
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Dagny: He said eternal shame, dumbass (about Ricky Martin, in the question at the top of the page). I'm not surprised that someone who doesn't believe his government is torturing people despite photos from Abu Ghraib can't read well enough to tell who said what.
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JoBoxers "just got lucky"
posted by softlord at 7:43 PM on June 18, 2005

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