Arachnid Identification
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What kind of spiders am I evicting from my kitchen? Picture.

We're in coastal Massachusetts, but the way. I'm just curious--New England isn't exactly known for its venomous animals--but we had quite a few, thanks to the ready availability of flies that come in when the front door sits open (no screen), and the pattern is interesting.
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Looks like the American house spider to me. Are they hanging upside down in a little messy web?
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Brown widow.

Easy to kill by smushing and vacuuming, hard to kill with poison - they can go dormant pretty much indefinitely, IIRC. And they live pretty much anywhere.
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Forgot to say, good news and bad news:

Bad news - yep, venomous.

Good news - I've had them in every house I've lived in for the last 20 years, and I'm careless about where I put my hands and feet (under stuff, into shoes that have been left on the porch, etc) and I've never been bitten. At least not by the widows.
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Best answer: Massachusetts is a bit northeasterly for a brown widow.

It's definitely a cobweb spider though, most likely a common house spider, or some form of Steatoda or Theridion.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone: using your info, a search led me to this spider, which looks to be the closest picture I've seen.
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Nice! Wikipedia says non-aggressive, no recorded human bites, and it preys on hobo spiders and brown recluses. That's a good spider to have around.
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