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I need recommendations for scary movies featuring strong female characters.

I've been exploring the horror movie genre lately, and I've been struck by how many female characters are relegated to screaming and/or acting catatonic. Can you recommend any that break this mold? I can only think of The Descent and Alien.

I like good, scary movies. Not so into gore, but if it makes the movie scary, that's fine. Suspense is fun, as are zombie movies.

Thank you!
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Night of the Comet. It's not the scariest movie you'll ever watch, but good fun. (It's on Netflix streaming too.)
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Though it's not technically "horror", Picnic at Hanging Rock has all kinds of female characters, strong and otherwise, and it's as unsettling as hell.
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I always thought Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in the first Halloween (1978) was a pretty strong "final girl."
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It's been a long time since I've seen it, but I seem to recall that Virginia Madsen as the protagonist in Candyman is pretty proactive/strong.
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High Tension aka Haute Tension -- it's awesome!!!
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Panic Room. More suspense than horror, I guess, but it scared the bejesus out of me.
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I Spit on Your Grave (original & remake), if you can handle the rape scene.
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The Thing remake was pretty weak, but the female lead was pretty great.

sorry for the multiple posts, just sitting here, discussing it with my husband...
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Jennifer's Body (more suspense than horror); Teeth.
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Dude, check this thread.

I blew my load all over it, and there's all sorts of good answers on there.

Kinda weird how the questions were related.
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The first Resident Evil. Pitch Black. Both Dawn of the Deads have strong female leads as well, although I remember the remake better. 28 Days Later.
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Poltergeist. Mom goes to hell to save her kid.
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Dawn of the Dead.
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Paperhouse, creepiest movie ever. Main character is a girl who has to conquer her fears to defeat some intensely terrifying monsters from her own subconscious.
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Pan's Labyrinth and The Orphanage are pretty good female-character-wise. (Although the protagonist of The Orphanage is primarily motivated by maternal love, which might not be what you're looking for.)
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Nosferatu--the 1922 original especially. Yeah, the female lead swoons and faints a lot, but she also commits a hugely brave act in the end and basically saves humanity.
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The Others

Let the Right One In

The Devil's Backbone (the strong women are supporting characters, but it's a fantastic movie)
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Planet Terror. Rose McGowan's prosthetic machine gun leg was truly awesome.

And I too was pleasantly surprised by how strong the female lead (both character and actress) was in the remake of The Thing.
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P2 and Red Eye.

Or, if you want to go an entirely different route, INLAND EMPIRE - Laura Dern really should have been nominated for an Oscar.
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Ginger Snaps.
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Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

It's kind of a weird film, it starts off like a fake documentary spoofing traditional horror cliches and then morphs into something different. It's set in this alternate reality where Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers were all real people.

I don't know how scary you'll find it and there is some gore. The reason I mention it is if you're into exploring the horror genre, it's got a whole philosophy about strong female characters in horror films like Halloween.
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In the vein of Ginger Snaps, you should check out May - not a 'strong' character in the typical sense but still very atypical for horror and a great performance.
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The Descent.
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Crap - just reread the question, sorry!
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Sarah Polley in the lead role of Dawn of the Dead (2004 remake) kicks ass.
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Sarah Polley was also in Splice, a pretty good genetic manipulation / body horror / freudian thriller recently. She's a very interesting actress (and director) with a remarkably wide range.
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I will say Polley was fine in Splice, but the movie itself wasn't good.

Came here to say The Descent, but try to find the original (UK) version/ending if you can.
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Silent Hill has several non-swooning-type female characters, including a couple of baddies.
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