Awesome show to see tomorrow in NYC?
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Should we see "Wicked" on Broadway, or something else? My friend and I want to see a show tomorrow, Sunday Oct. 30. She still remembers seeing "Phantom of the Opera" in London with Sarah Brightman. We're pretty sure we can't get in to see "Book of Mormon". Tasteful-ish is important (so, no Avenue Q). Suggestions?

We also looked at "Lion King", but it looked light on plot and, while doubtless an awesome spectacle, might be more for kids. Off-Broadway could be fine, too.

(We probably don't want to wait in the TKTS line, although I know that's popular).
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You should absolutely see Wicked. It's a great show with a solid story line (also: read the book!) and fabulous music. Have fun!
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I saw Wicked last time I was in NYC and I thought it was fantastic. I don't know anything about Broadway or theatre, but I enjoyed it a lot.
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Wicked was fantastic (though I watched the West End production, not the Broadway one). I've haven't yet watched Phantom, but amongst my friends who have watched both Phantom and Wicked, they have all emphatically preferred Wicked.
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If tastefulness is important, you don't want to even try to get into Book of Mormon.
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I've seen Wicked, Phantom, and Lion King.

Among those, Phantom is my favorite. Wicked and Lion King are tied because they're so different.

Lion King isn't childish, and if you liked the movie you would like the musical. What they do to bring the movie to the stage is absolutely amazing and beautiful.

Wicked is fun, as it twists your perception of the Wizard of Oz. It has the most straight forward story.
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Wicked is the most popular musical/highest grossing on Broadway. It is very likely to be sold out on this much short notice. In fact, it sells out nearly all the time.

I haven't seen it, but I have read the book and listened to the cast recording. I didn't like some of the changes in the stage adaptation, so I wasn't inclined to see the musical, but I do enjoy the songs a lot.

Everyone I know who has seen it has raved about it, for what it's worth.
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Okay, I just took a quick look and as per Ticketmaster, there are some seats left. If you want any chance of sitting together though, you'll need to get orchestra seats, as anything below the $139 ticket range is gone.
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Oh and The Lion King is the second most popular musical on Broadway and also likely to be sold out/have only a few of the highest priced seats left. Neither that nor Wicked ever hit the TKTS booth.

Phantom should be much easier to get tickets to. Follies or Anything Goes might suit also.
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Absolutely go and see Wicked if you can get tickets. I've been to see it with a variety of people ranging from hardcore musical theatre lovers to first timers and everyone has really liked it. The story is easy to follow and the music is very accessible (and damn catchy!). Wicked is quite different, both in music and tone to Phantom, and they're not really comparable in my mind, but I love both of them.
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Defying Gravity - your username is in harmony with your response.

And yeah, for "tasteful" stay far away from anything created by the guys who created South Park.

(Lion King is more "artsy and kind of, um, different" than "for kids.")
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It really depends on how much you're willing to pay at the last minute. Is price no object? If not, and you can presumably see any show currently playing on Broadway right now, out of the ones currently playing that I've seen The Lion King and War Horse are my favorites. (I actually saw the original War Horse production in London, though.) Both are amazing in their different ways.

Otherwise, if money is an issue and you want to take your chances, I suggest you check out the rush policies page on
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I came in here to say the same thing as lalex. I adored Avenue Q, but can't even listen to the whole soundtrack of Book of Mormon. Do not feel bad about missing that.
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Thanks! We were able to get two good seats -- center orchestra -- for Wicked. There were several more left, btw (but I think we got the best pair).
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I'm so happy for you - WICKED is fantastic, and I'm sure you'll have a great time.
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For all you fellow Wicked lovers.....The Wicked Facebook Page is broadcasting a behind the scenes look at the show all day long today with a special performance at 9 PM est tonight. I LOVE this show!!
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Wicked is awesome.
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Follies at the Marquis Theatre is fantastic... just in case anyone else drops by this thread looking for another alternative.
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