Cross Country Ski Binding Adapters?
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I have funky extra-wide 6E feet, and they don't make cross-country ski boots in my size. Where can I buy an adapter that fits over footwear I already own?

I used to love, love, love cross-country skiing as a kid... as an adult, my feet don't fit. I have an EEEEEE (6E) shoe width. I already checked, and no-one makes bespoke ski boots in my size (and having dealt with custom shoemakers, it's probably not in the budget.) I've got some nice insulated and waterproof hiking boots already... can I buy a binding where I can strap-in before I clip in?
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Hi there Slap*Happy. You probably want to use a telemark binding. Lundhags here in Sweden makes a very good boot and you might want to check sizes with them. They are a low volume manufacturer and I'd bet a special order wouldn't cost much more than normal.

Also telemark skis are probably a better bet for you. Most ordinary cross-country skis won't support the weight of a big man and you'd be frustrated as hell trying to ski without any glide.
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You might want to specify what type of skiing you intend to do. Classic or skate? Backcountry or trackset? You won't have any luck with telemark bindings on trackset trails (they are too wide for the tracks and will drag along the sides).

I've never seen such an adapter (outside of skis for small children which sometimes just strap directly to winter boots), but perhaps it does exist.
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Possibly useful: snowshoes with XC ski bindings on them:

The XCQuickie is a neat little adaptor plate that enables you to mount XC ski bindings on your snowshoes.

I imagine you could use this and snowshoes with your boots, which may be a bit rube goldberg ...
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