This American Halloween.
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Help me take my Ira Glass costume to the next level.

Here's my costume so far.

I think the clothes and wig are alright, so I'm looking for little (and easily made) accessories that work.

Ira Glass mannerisms are appreciated as well.

If you don't think my costume looks like Ira Glass at all, suggestions for alternate ideas are welcome. Thanks.
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Best answer: microphone, tape recorder, headphones
posted by cupcake1337 at 2:33 PM on October 29, 2011

Ridiculously obscure Halloween costumes #237: pre-TAL Ira Glass. scroll down
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NPR tote bag
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Best answer: Some sort of device which you can use to play interstitial music during conversational lulls.
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Best answer: Make sure you always sound as if you have a slight head cold.
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Best answer: That is an awesome suggestion padraigin!

OP, not sure if you saw this in the Ira Glass Sex Tape FPP, but you can pick interstitial music from these playlists.
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Ira Glass usually wears a skinny black suit to public events.
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Or carry an NPR mug, and use it for all your drinking. not that I think Ira Glass is a lush. I just think it would be funny. And I'm enjoying thinking anything is funny.
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Get a fake head louse and paint it white.
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not that I think Ira Glass is a lush.

you should listen to the recent WTF with marc marron that has ira glass. he talks about getting wasted on stage and throwing up.
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Bring your girlfriend, constantly berate her about how she doesn't talk about YOU enough.
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If you do the interstitial music (which is a fantastic idea!), might I recommend a few pieces of music they completely overuse on TAL? Philip Glass' Japura River and Metamorphosis (skip ~35 seconds in), and music from the Amelie soundtrack, like this.
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You need to carry a pro tape recorder with a mike. Either an old pro Walkman (still a great way to record) or something like that.
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Best answer: how about have your friend go in the room first with a boombox, turn it on and when people look you enter the room and say something like...

today on public radio: theme show. Radio Free Halloween. . first story, zombie competition. a story of what happens when a group of friends start competing for the best zombie costume, and inevitable fallout after. second story: Terror at Target. A holiday piece by David Sedaris where he describes the sheer terror of shopping for a last minute halloween costume at Target. Act 3. Radio gaga. In which a radio host goes mad and travels through the airwaves and possesses people on halloween to dress up like him and wreaks freddykrueger like havoc on parties.
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Ideefixe definitely has the music selections right. To add to the playlist, the Goodbye Lenin soundtrack is a TAL goldmine. You could fill a whole TAL soundtrack with just Yann Tiersen and Phillip Glass.
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I agree that he should have a necktie and a dark suit (there are plenty of photos online for reference). He's nerdy, but well-dressed nerdy, at least in the promotional photos. Maybe add some gray to the temples?

Even though the show is heard on NPR stations, his show is distributed by Public Radio International (which Glass jokingly referred to as NPR's arch-enemy).

And randomly say things like "act one" and "by our boss, Mr Torey Malatia."

"...who wanted to clear up something he once said about me: 'Not that I think Ira Glass is a lush. I just think it would be funny. And I'm enjoying thinking anything is funny.'"
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Sir, what you've got there is sort of the Garrison Keillor if SNL was doing Keillor. For the Ira Glass you need a dark suit with a white shirt and a skinny tie. Even in the comic book this is what he wears.

For sound recording that looks fancy, if you have a smarty phone, Gig Baby is a cheap multi-channel recorder

but beyond playing music under what you say, i'd fake tal interview everyone about their lives with a walkman or something
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Yeah, he's not as frumpy-vintage as that. He's geek-chic and actually dapper.

Get a radio mic with an "On the Air" sign.

Maybe hand out posters of his advice on how to succeed and be creative.
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KCRW would be rad.

"From WBEZ Chicago" would be better.
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I just realized, if you're gonna carry around a mic and recorder, why not use them to actually interview people for a piece to submit to TAL? I'm not sure if Glass would appreciate your impersonations, but that would be interesting. But I'm not sure what kind of Halloween/scary story theme you could use that they haven't already been done.
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Always talk like you are reading it. Speak a little faster than normal, but put lots of dramatic pauses in. Thank your armada of producers once an hour.

Wear a sign around you neck saying "This costume brought to you by Kraft Foods, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, JP Morgan Chase, The Snidler Family Foundation, Microsoft, The Edna B. and Charles X. Scrimshaw Foundation, and Listeners Like You. Thank you!"
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Give an apologetic, long-winded plea for a donation, explaining how expensive it was to put your costume together, at the beginning of each conversation.
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I have no suggestions other than to say, holy crap, in that long hair pic he kinda looks like Neil Gaiman.
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At the end of conversations, be sure to note (in a hurried-but-jovial tone) that management oversight is provided "by our boss, Mr. Torey Malatia, who would like you to know that..." ...and then here you have a sidekick say something totally ridiculous and/or outrageous, as if it's a radio clip that's been taken out of context from a previous story.
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