Computer Game From 90s?
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Help me remember the name of a shareware turn-by-turn space shooter from the mid-nineties.

I have been trying to remember the name of this game for years.

The game was offered on a shareware disk for PCs with a number of other small games. The game involved a top-down, turn-by-turn game style. You controlled the direction of one (or all?) of your ships by dragging a line from the front of your ship. You would then press a button and your ships would fly in the direction that you told them to go. The goal was to destroy another fleet of enemy ships. 2D graphics. You would move to different stages but I don't remember if you could upgrade your ships.

Also, it is not Solar Winds.
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Critical Mass?
posted by bjrn at 2:43 PM on October 29, 2011

Response by poster: You've done it bjrn! I don't remember the graphics looking so good but this is definitely it!

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Glad I could help. I remember that it had a much more basic look when I played it too, and the game has had a big graphics overhaul. I found this on the "History of the games" page:
2001: I finished a new version of Critical Mass (version 3.0). It's a huge improvement over the older versions with 3D looking ships, great looking graphics and a ship and mission designer.
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Revort, did you have this on the Galaxy of Games 2 CD? I found one on eBay not long ago. It brought back so many childhood memories.
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Response by poster: Yes it was Galaxy of Games 2. Perhaps I am remembering too much now?
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