Toronto Girls Night Out?
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Downtown Toronto Birthday Fun on a Thursday Night For 2 Ladies?

My best friend is going on a business trip to Toronto with a lovely woman whose birthday is on Thursday - my friend wants to take her out for a fun night on the town, any suggestions? They'll be staying at the Hazelton and would like to be able to walk/stumble to and fro, unless cabs are super easy to catch.

Both are married and not wild children, but could use a fun night out with a bit of entertainment if possible!
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I would say that Southern Accent is stumbling distance from where they are staying. I'm not sure if it is fancy enough given that they are staying at a 5 star hotel but I really like it there. The atmosphere is eclectic, the food is good and on a number of nights through the week they have a fortune teller there. Bathurst and Bloor and the near by Davenport area have a lot of great places to eat. I seem to always find my way back to Southern Accent - it's intimate yet fun and funky. Give it a try.
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I haven't been there in a few years but if you'd like something kind of off beat, you might give El Convento Rico a try. It's a gay/Latin basement dance club on College near Ossington. It's a little bit gritty but I've seen every type of character in there, so it's great for people watching. I've seen some stagette parties having a blast, too.
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Fyi, as a more recent multi-time visitor, i can say that El Convento Rico is now filled almost exclusively with bachelorette parties. (This wasn't always the case - i remember the days when it was 'a couple stagettes' but now it's NOTHING BUT STAGETTES. And it kind of ruined that bar). I also think that while Southern Accent is good, i think it might be more low-key than they'd want? And most of the bar options are very student-y around there.

I'd recommend these options:
- Heading to the Ossington strip. There's a lot of good bars and restaurants, and they almost all are of the type that have energy and a fun atmosphere, without being a meat market for 25 year olds. I'd recommend going to Union or Libretto or Foxley (one of my favourite restaurants) for dinner, getting drinks and stuff at the Crooked Star, or Watusi, or The Ossington, or Sweaty Betty's. (This is probably the go-to area for me and my early-30s friends for a fun night out.)
- Going for dinner at Guu. You have a choice of either getting their early, or of waiting two hours, but i think it's probably the most fun you can have in a restaurant. And the food is delicious, and it's not an experience that available in many north american cities.
- There's lots of stuff in the Yorkville area where they're staying, but it tends to swing wildly between very expensive and sort of grungy. For a fancy/indulgent night out, they should have dinner at One (the restaurant in their hotel), and then go to Hemingways or The Pilot to drink beer.
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