tap-tap-tappity-tap: it ain't what it used to be
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Hot tap in kitchen sink; suddenly half the pressure it used to be; turn on, wait twenty seconds, and half pressure becomes all but a drip; all other hot taps in house work a-ok. Washer? Pipe? Tap mechanism? Simple to fix or in need of a plumber?
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take it apart and see what's wrong. taps are not very complicated things.
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Most likely, there's someting in there -- a broken washer, whatnot. As it warms up, it expands, which constrains the flow.

Simple to fix -- if you can figure out how to get the valve apart.
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The first thing to check would be the screen at the end of the spout. These can get clogged with mineral deposits and other junk in the water. Depending on the tap, you should be able to unscrew it using a pair of pliers over a rag so not to scratch the bejeesus out of it. Once it's off, there's generally a plastic diverter, then the screen. The fix could be as simple cleaning the screen. If it's corroded you can buy replacements at most any hardware store.
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When it changes like you are experiencing it is usually the washer. On many taps a screw holds the washer (actually a valve seat) in place and sometimes that screw gets loose. This can happen when the washer is starting to fail and you tighten the tap extra hard. Then when you open it next it catches and backs the screw out a bit. Once the valve seat can move it tends to reseat after the flow has been on for a few seconds.

If this is the case, turn off the water under the sink and take the knob off of the tap. There should be a large nut which when removed allows you access to the washer. Take it out and get a new one. You can get a whole kit to replace the other internal parts if you want but usually only the washer needs replacing. Put a little LocTite on the screw before you put the new washer on to prevent the screw from backing out too easily.
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This sounds like a rubber washer that has split. Your faucet may not drip... yet. When a split happens horizontally, some of the rubber can get into the water stream. As the water flows past, it pulls the washer piece in further and disrupts the flow. Should be an easy fix. Google for fixing faucets and get your self a proper $0.69 washer. Good luck!
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