Help me find a Daily Show clip
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I'm trying to track down an old Daily Show clip that featured one of the anchors mocking news coverage of a teenager attempting to jump a car and failing.

The joke was that they kept showing the clip over and over while chastising the news channels for the same thing. The final punchline was "The only thing more offensive than that would be showing it in slow motion with calliope music" after which they did just that.

I can't find it in The Daily Show archives -- I would imagine the family sued -- nor can I find the original clip anywhere on line. Can someone out there help me find this clip?
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I can't quite believe I found it myself, but here it is; it's a follow-up to this segment from the same episode.

(After googling a few variations on "daily show calliope music," I tried "daily show transcripts" and got this old fansite. By some early Halloween miracle, this list of a mere 77 segments not only contained the sought-after transcript, but also managed to catch my eye on the right one during a half-hearted scan. Huzzah!)
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Here's the transcript, btw.
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Wow, nice find! Thanks!
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