the big bad wolf
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I want to make this crazy awesome wolf helmet for my Halloween costume. Is there a quick, relatively cheap way to do that?

Side view. (Forget the armor, I'm all about the headgear.)
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Do you have a wolf you wouldn't mind shooting? Seriously, I think that's a real pelt.
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Yeah, that's a real wolf pelt. For quick and cheap, I would think that the closest you'll get it to get a stuffed wolf like this one and... "skin" it. Add Roman legion helmet and you're set.
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Best answer: Instructables on werewolf costume - I think you could make some sort of base out of foam and then glue on pieces of fake fur or felt to make the hair. You should be able to find some sort of eyeballs at a craft store as well. Or maybe some large marbles with pupils sharpied in?

Maybe look for a cheap Roman-style helmet at a costume shop or in the Halloween aisle of Target/Wal-Mart, these seem to be pretty common.

You may have to scale down the scope of the wolf a bit to get it done in time, but I think it is doable.
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Animal nose out of an egg carton. Just paint it black and see if you can make indentations for the nostrils, or use slightly lighter paint there to make it look like faux nostrils.
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Perhaps a plush rug like this (I know it's a tiger) might be a good start off? You might be able to gut and reshape the head and just plonk a ready-made helmet on top.
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Best answer: Yeah I'd definitely go for a stuffed animal wolf 'pelt'. As for the base-

I once made a donkey head hat for a production of Midsummer Night's Dream. It was pretty similar in shape to this. What I did was buy an appropriately-sized block of foam* and an old baseball cap. The basic procedure was, I carved the block into the basic shape I wanted**, then hollowed out a hole in the bottom that was the same size as the baseball cap, but with slightly more room in the back. Then, after cutting the brim off the baseball cap, I applied glue to only the front two-thirds of the cap and glued it into the foam. By leaving the adjustable strap at the back of the cap free, this will allow you to adjust the headpiece and make it as tight as you need. No need to carefully measure your head.

What you'll want to do then is remove your stuffed wolf head, open it at the bottom, and glue it on. Save the rest of the pelt for patching up the edges.

*I used florist's foam (the green kind), because its fine texture makes it easy to carve. It's hard to find in huge blocks though.

**For you, this will be easy- just imitate the shape of the still-stuffed wolf head. BUT be sure to make the base BIGGER THAN THE WIDEST PART OF YOUR HEAD by at least an inch or so.
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Here is how that method turned out, btw.
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