I need an iPhone Password App.
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I am looking for a password keeper app for my iPhone. Ideally it would be able to open a specific URL and autopopulate the User ID and Password fields. Personal experience with your suggestions is a big plus. Thank you!
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Lastpass. You can install bookmarklets that will let you have it autofill many webpages.
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1Password is your default option, probably. The problem is that iOS limits any app from communicating with Safari (maybe a slight simplification but the effect is still true) so in order to have autofilling of password/login fields you have to use a slightly clunky browser built into 1password itself. Obviously this is unsatisfactory but I think there's not going to be a way around it until Safari gets opened up to app access (which won't happen for sensible - ? - security reasons)
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I'll +1 1Password. Its the first app I install on any of my computers and iOS devices.
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The only major weakness I find is dealing with captive portals for wifi; since they pop up via the OS its sometimes not possible to use the password keeper. It's a drag but that's not 1Password's fault or something any other app can cope with as far as I know.

With the addition some time ago for keeping your files on Dropbox you can simply have one database which is always in sync.

(yes, disclaimers re: Dropbox (non)security, use a strong passphrase, etc; I believe the convenience & other positive tradeoffs are worth it, make your own informed decision)
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1Password gets included in bundles and put on sale on a pretty regular basis. I have several licenses I've bought for myself (windows & OSX) and for a family member. I don't think I have ever paid full price.
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Password Wallet.
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Another votefor 1Password here.
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I use Keepass1(open source) to manage my accounts on the main laptop, store the database file in Dropbox2, and then iKeePass to get at it on the phone. No auto-fill support, though.

1. The KeePass application I pointed at is the Windows-based original, but the download page has links to Linux and OSX ports, if you need.
2. KeePass lets you set a password on the database file. For my purposes, Dropbox's only function is sync and not security, which they haven't been doing such a great job of lately.
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1Password. Use it constantly, it's great.
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1Password, it's amazing. And it syncs with my Mac.
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I'll be another vote for LastPass - it syncs to Mac as well (although it's more at the browser level than the OS).
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Here is a youtube video that explains how to get the LastPass bookmarklet to work on the iPhone (there are other ways that don't involve Safari on your computer, but this is by far the easiest way). It's free and works fine, and you don't need to use a different browser. You have to login to LastPass, and then, if you are on a website that you need to log in to, you click the bookmarklet, and the username and password are filled in.
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Response by poster: Here is another wrinkle on my original question above: At least two of the apps I have on my iPhone which require IDs and passwords are just that - apps and not browser logins. One is for my bank and the other is the AT&T app. Am I correct in thinking that no password manager for the iPhone can handle that situation?
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Yes you are correct. Your best option is to use one of the options mentioned in this thread to save your password, and then type in the password yourself.
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The app will not be able to fill things in that app directly, however they will all support clicking to copy so you can then paste the value in. So it won't remove a need for copying but it will allow you to use much stronger passwords w/o having to thumb-key in a lot of special characters, if that's your desire.
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