Where to advertise to IT sales/marketing people?
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We need to do some online advertising and PR, on a just-above-shoestring budget, directed at people responsible for selling new information technology products. The minimum for a text ad from publishers like Ziff-Davis and CMP's TechWeb seems to be well over $2,000 per insertion. We'd like to spend less than that, so maybe we're looking for more obscure publications.
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That's not a lot to work with. On such a limited budget, you might want to consider Google AdWords. If you choose your keywords carefully, these little ads have great a great bang:buck (and, conversion) ratio.

You might also want to do the DIY approach, and start commenting like crazy (please not annoyingly) in blogs and online communities related to your product/service. Just link your URL. This works better if you have something interesting to say. Doing this can also improve your Google ranking (sometimes, depending on the sites' configurations).
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I second the google adwords thing. You can get started with just a credit card and just a few bucks and can play around with it. You can also get a good idea of what terms are working and what your competitors are spending. Very little risk and you can up the $$$ or kill the program pretty much instantly.

When I was working on a member acquisition program with a small budget, I was going to check out www.industrybrains.com . It sells text ads in some very targeted sites. The program I was working on got killed before I had a chance to try them.

Depending on your products, be cautious with CaptApollo's DIY approach. You don't want to come across as a shill for your product or someone who is spamming discussion lists with ad-like copy. All hell breaks loose if the online communities think you're pimping your company. [like you've probably seen on Metafilter before].

Another low cost thing to try is if there are community websites discussing the types of goods/services your company sells, you may be able to strike a deal with the person that runs the site. I had moderate success getting acquiring members taking that route [example: I'll give you $x.xx for every person you send that signs up for more information coming from your site]. Or you may be able to buy cost per click ads from the sites as well.
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