Children's illustrated book about the Seasons on the Farm!
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Help me find this children's book: About the seasons on a farm. No words, just four illustrations of the same barnyard with animals in the different seasons. The one from my childhood was over-sized and cardboard.

What I remember of the illustrations: there was a big barn, a pig-pen, a little girl, a cat on a moon-lit roof.... Amazon and ebay didn't come up with anything. If you know it, you'll make my family very happy!
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Is it The Year at Maple Hill Farm?
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It might help us if you could give an approximate dates and location. In other words, how long ago were you a small child and where were you then?
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Any chance it's Little Galoshes? If not, it might be worth searching that blog for the terms "farm" or "animals" to see if anything comes up.
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The Year at Maple Hill Farm is what I first thought of, but I checked my copy, and it's got plenty of words to go with the pictures; also, it's month by month, not season by season. Lovely book, though.
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I was born in the late 80s in the Northeast- so the book would have been early 90s at the latest. It's not any of the above suggestions but thanks to your posts I've come across Maybe it'll come up with something.
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How about this one.
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I can't find any pictures of the inside, but maybe Four Seasons Make a Year?
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