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Help me find some awesome swag.

I'm helping to organize an event taking place in January. There will be about 80 attendees from a mix of media-related industries, and the broad theme of the event is "data." We've got a smallish (<500) budget. If the FoldzFlat pen were still being sold with custom logos on it, that would be a great possibility as well. Since we'll only be ordering 80, we need items with a small minimum.

I've looked through the previous swag threads, but couldn't find any that quite matched, so I'm throwing it out to the crowd again. Thanks in advance for your help!
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Response by poster: And also, we handed out custom-printed microfiber cleaning cloths at our last event, and they went over very well. That's our fallback idea, in case we don't come up with anything similarly small but useful.
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Searching online, 4imprint looks like they have some nice things like glass or aluminum water bottles, reusable tumblers for starbucks-style cold drinks, decent conference bags, etc.

If you have sponsors, contact them to provide items too.
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USB drives? Pre-loaded with conference data, handouts, etc.
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