Your Favorite Spots in Shanghai
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Shanghai'd - Heading back to China and want hear about your fav spots.

I'm headed back to China for about a month in January to work out of my firm's Shanghai office. Very, very excited to head back to the PRC and dust off my dysfunctional Mandarin.

That said, I've not spent much time in Shanghai before (I know Beijing and Taipei pretty well). I'll be working in Luwan and staying nearby. As opposed to traveling up to Hangzhou or elsewhere, I want to really dig into Shanghai while I'm there. Do it proper.

What are your favorite spots in Shanghai? Where can I get the best pulled-noodles? Best teahouse? Best alleys to wonder through? Where can I see (and possibly buy) some amazing contemporary Chinese oils? Where I am going to be on a Sat afternoon and think to myself, ahhh, this is it. This is where it's all happening right now. It's amazing. These people are wonderful.

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When I am in Shanghai I eat xiaolong bao (soup dumplings) as many times as humanly possible. :) The best place I've had them so far is Din Tai Fung, which, amazingly, is a chain. I stay in the Grand Hyatt Shanghai, and there's one within walking distance. Yum!

The best place I've found to wander around is Yuyuan, old town. It's kind of touristy in the summer months, but it's not as crowded in January, and it's full of weird little shops where you can get just about anything. There are some hidden gardens and ponds in there as well, but I couldn't find them again on purpose - just wander.

Lots of people enjoy wandering around the Bund, but it never really did much for me. YMMV

Have a great time!!
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2nd on Din Tai Fung- great! And the restaurant in the Yuyuan Gardens is very good. There is a chain of hot-pot places- I think they're called Little Sheep- that I enjoyed.

Near Yuyuan, the Fuyou Lu market is good. It's now an indoor fleamarket, on four floors- worthwhile. Another one- the Dongtai Lu antiques market... I almost bought a ww2 German ships chronometer there once (real, I know them!)
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Best answer: Oh wow. So jealous. Just moved to the US from Shangahi where I lived for almost 4 years.

Have to echo the others about Din Tai Fung. Even though it's way overpriced by local standards, it's addictingly yummy. They even have miniature xiao long bao that are served with a soup that you can pop like candy. My mouth is watering.

SH is so large, tons of wonderful places to check out, hard to narrow it down to just a month's worth. And if you speak Mandarin, you won't be limited to the "foreigner friendly" places. Yay for you!

Shanghainese friends always suggested JiShi to experience authentic Shanghainese cuisine, so it became a 'must do' when we had visitors. Not fancy, but you have to have reservation b/c it's so small & v.popular. Actually, most places in SH need dinner reservations.

When I lived in the Luwan district I always enjoyed stumbling around aimlessly in certain areas that still had the old lane houses... south & east of Fuxing Road/XinTianDi area its more localized with lots of food stalls, fruit vendors and shops. The cricket market is/was east of the area. And Yu Yuan isn't too much further east.

If you want real art - a good friend who works in the field recommend Art + Shanghai gallery to me. Very small & tucked away, but reputable. We bought a lithograph my husband loved. Recently, I wanted to surprise him with another piece by the same artist and when I did, I realized the artist had since become internationally known and I could no longer afford the artist anymore which is good and bad I guess. Just love going to Art + always something different and they actually have relationships with their artists. But if you want something to help fill empty walls on the cheap, maybe try visiting the Painter's Street.

Early Saturday mornings should be spent at the parks. I liked going to Fuxing Park because it's a little less hustle & bustle than People's Square and you can stroll properly.

Um... sorry, didn't mean to write a book... just got a bit excited.
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Response by poster: Great advice all and special thanks to MuckWeh for the gallery tips!
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