"We have to go back!" Lost Tour Ideas
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I'm on Oahu, and I'm a Lost fan. What are some must-see Lost locations to visit on the island?

I'm planning on circling the entire island. I know Lost Virtual Tours, but I need a filter so I know which ones are most worthwhile. If you have any good knowledge, let me know!
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Best answer: The Byodo-In Temple is beautiful. We weren't looking for Lost filming locations, but I was pretty excited when I realized it was where Sun and Jin got married!
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Best answer: Oahu Lostie here, I suggest you start where the whole thing started: Police Beach, then over to Dharmaville . After that, I would go to Kualoa Ranch where they filmed a lot of outdoor shots. They also have a lot of props from the show. If you PM me I may let you see Ben;s journal that I won at the Lost auction last year. :)
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Best answer: I know nothing about Lost, but I hiked to and around Manoa Falls this past spring, and apparently they did some filming there. The falls are awesome all by themselves and the area is great for hiking in general.
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Best answer: A bit more mundane, but if you plan on making an obligatory trip to Waikiki, you'll easily pass by the building that Locke gets thrown out of. (I got a kick out of seeing something I passed by every day on my way to work, in that context.)

You'll also end up passing by the Convention Center, where the Sydney airport scenes were shot. And downtown is an easy way to see a lot of different, if unspectacular, locations in a relatively small area.

Of course, while looking for Lost spots, you may actually witness a Hawaii Five-O shoot.
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Best answer: They used the inside of the First Hawaiian Bank branch on Bishop and King for all sorts of nonsense... It's strange to see.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the tips. I hit as many free/cheap sites as I could in my gonzo tour, including the campsite and the temple ($3.00 I think). Note: a lot of spots are not easy to find, and you have to keep a lookout! I made it to one beach (where Jack and Sayid torture Sawyer in S1) but I had to park on the side of the road and walk past a chain link fence. I missed Papiloa Beach because apparently you have to look for a tiny street sign around a bend in the fast-moving highway. Next time, though! We have to go ... back. Yeah.

Feel free to memail me if anybody has questions about my trip. Thanks for all of the tips!
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