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I kind of want to be Blossom for Halloween. What says Blossom to you?

I've been on a Blossom kick lately (I don't know either) and I think I want to try to dress up as Blossom this year. I'm going from a work party to a house party Halloween Day, so I wanted something that could work in both settings.

I have a floppy hat that I could pin a flower to, and I know everyone immediately thinks HAT! when they think of her, but what else? She has so many outfits and they're all so 90s, I'm not sure there's one that would be super recognizable as her. I know she plays saxophone, which I could try to do something about. Any other ideas?

PS I look NOTHING like Mayim Bialik. I'm a short Indian girl. I do have longish straight hair.

And I'm not wearing that purple crop top. But with enough alcohol I will probably do the dance.

Most of the people at work and ALL of the people at the house party are of similar age/background to me (early -mid 30s) so they'll know the show.
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Season Two Intro, with more clothes.
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If it makes you feel better, I'm pretty sure if the hat is done right enough, you'll be recognizable no matter what else you wear!
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The hat, certainly. The outfit I picture Blossom in involves a black and white striped crop top under black suspenders, black (twirly) mini, black leggings, bright tights, and the hat of course. (not sure about the shoes, perhaps doc martin boots?) I don't know why that specific outfit comes to me as it isn't in either of the intros. But I think if you do any OMG-SCREAMS-EARLY-90s outfits inspired by anything from either of the intros you posted plus the essential hat, people will know what's up, seriously. Especially if you act goofy/smiley/dancey.
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Why not let the costume designer herself tell you what signifies Blossom's style?
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The hat's probably the big thing.

Otherwise, you'll be confused with Clarissa Darling or Angela Chase or somebody.
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After the hat the first thing I thought of was a hideous '90s overalls-shorts thing. Like in the Season 2 intro! *shudder*
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Obviously the hat (if you can get a fake sunflower to put on it all the better), and oversized early 90s clothes, like a baggy shirt, buttoned up all the way with sleeves rolled up, under an oversized man's vest with loads of big plastic pins on it and baggy 'walking shorts' with socks and oxfords.
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I think a skirt and suspenders are necessary. The clothes do not need to match in any significant way. And then big clunky boots.
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Short flowy empire-waisted dress or (even better) SHORTALLS, colorful tights, chunky Mary Janes or Doc Martens.
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that's an awesome costume. When I think of Blossom, I think of overalls. Of course, the hat. And a generally mismatched, "funky" outfit (patterns and colors).

maybe you could get a guy with you to wear ripped jeans, a leather jacket, and say "woah!" (Joey)
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Without even googling, the first things I think of are the hat and a oversized vest over a button-up.
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Why not let the costume designer herself tell you what signifies Blossom's style?

What a great find, lalex, thank you! I forgot about the "tie skirt," I wish I could sew and make that.
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The hat for sure, but I always think of the the cropped shirt with the black suspenders, too. The tie skirt, oddly enough, made a brief comeback recently without Blossom's help, so I don't know if people would still tie it (ho ho!) to Blossom or not. On the other hand, that means it's easy to find one without having to make it!
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These are all awesome, thanks so much guys. More please!
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I came in to say Tie Skirt. That's the first thing I always think of, even before the hat. You could get a lot of cheap ties at a consignment shop and sew them together.
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Besides the hat, I think of an oversized odd-colored sweater, skirt, bright tights, and doc martens like in the Season 1 intro.
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Floppy hats with gigantic, fake flowers; quirky vests; her boyfriend, Vinnie's giant shoes; and a best friend named Six. And, in my opinionation, might I say: WOAH! (For Six, I would get a sheet of styrofoam or something and cut out a huge '6' and then paint that a garish color. Then I'd carry that around and pretend I was there with Six.)
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I also instantly thought of the tie skirt. Oh how I would have done anything to own that tie skirt I. junior high!
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I think you should also carry a neuroscience textbook and something on attachment parenting. Because then you can get into a trivia conversation.
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These is an absolutely genius idea. And damn you for making me watch all those intros last night! Now I keep hearing "my opinionation" in my head over and over.

Since I watched Blossom when it was on (and now watch Mayim Bialik on that other show) what would identify someone as Blossom to me on the street or at a Halloween party would be one of the following outfits - 1) man's vest/waistcoat, white tee, miniskirt, OR 2) empire-waisted babydoll dress, big white socks over Doc Marten-style boots, and of course The Hat. If I saw a girl in a skirt made of ties I don't know that I would immediately think "hey, that's Blossom!" Although if you had straight hair and The Hat*, maybe I would :-)

*and did a bunch of hammy tap-dance style moves, well yes. That would scream Blossom.
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My wife did this last year! Lots of layers of colorful skirts and a crazy hat.
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