American contact for motor home innovation?
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I know this is a next to impossible inquiry but I'm doing it for a very kind Australian friend who requested I do research in this area for a friend of his who, also, lives in Australia. It seems that this man has created a very innovative and clever new design for the interior of a motor home (they do a lot of "caravaning" in Australia) and he would like to be able to find an American contact so he can come to the U.S. and exhibit his design at motor home/caravan shows here. Where would I begin to look?
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Kind of a broad answer, but he could start by sending a note to any of the RV manufacturers listed here. (That is the full list, but there are links to drill down to specific RV types on the page.) Maybe one of the manufacturers will take a liking to his idea. But they would probably want it to be exclusive to them to produce.

Or he could to contact a company that does custom RV interiors like this one and maybe pair up with them, unless he has is own source of funding. In that case, pitching any entrepreneur with deep pockets would be the way to go. A simple Google search for "custom RV interiors" yields all sorts of results.

Here is a list of RVIA Trade Shows (just click "search" with no options to get all entires) and the RVIA Member List. Maybe he can find a partner on one of these pages.

Sounds like he has a lot of letters to write any way he goes.
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If your friend has an Australian success story with the possibility of turning it in to an Australian export success story, then the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade can be of assistance with the AusTrade program.
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For some reason I have been obsessing over This motor home. I would bet these guys could answer some of your Australians' friends questions.
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Oh I hope you find what you are looking for and post it. I am so interested in this. Good luck!
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