Ultra Unique, Funky Mens Boot Links Needed
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Greetings, I am looking for multiple sources for unique mens boots. I have a bit of a boot addiction so I am looking for GREAT sources. I have found things I love at Fluevog and Cydwog recently. For an idea of what I like right now, I saw these while hunting today: these and These I don't mind if they are "further out" than the links I provided. I like clean and stylish or rugged and stylish usually. Any funky, Bold, unusual boot links welcome. Thanks, SG
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Leffot and Leather Soul are both good sources for the latest high-end shoes, including boots. Especially for brands like Alden and Edward Green.
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Floris van Bommel's winter collection has some cool stuff. (I so want these but fear it may be too expensive to get them here in the states).
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I don't know how far out they are, but Helm Handmade has some beautiful boots.
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You're not going to find many people in these. I have the black ones and am very pleased, although I would love it if they made a calf-high instead of just an ankle boot.
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Julian Boots.
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Be warned: it may be a couple weeks before you hear back from anyone, but the results are worth it.
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The coolest shoes I've ever found come from Trippen
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Camper might have a few items of interest.
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I can vouch that the tanker boots in the first link are really, really nice. Super soft leather. I love mine.
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Steger Mukluks makes some really, really nice boots. They will keep your feet warm, too!
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Renown work boot maker Red Wing Shoes has a collection of casual/vintage boots. I have a pair of No. 9184s and they are quite amazing in terms of comfort. All of their boots are handmade in the United States.
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Like Fluevog, Dayton has a Vancouver pedigree and they make some serious boots.
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Response by poster: YESSSSSS! Thank you all so much! Keep it coming please!!!!
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White's Boots, custom built to fit your feet.
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Check out www.gravitypope.com -- they sell Cydwoq, Trippen, and Fluevog so you might like some of their other men's selection. Based out of Vancouver and reasonable shipping to the US!
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These Thorogood Roofer boots are some of the more interesting looking work boots I've seen.
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