Where can I find a fitted sheet for an 8" thick mattress?
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I recently bought a memory foam/latex mattress from in hopes that it will help rid me of my morning back pain. It's a big gamble. But there's another problem. The mattress is only 8" deep and I don't know where to find fitted sheets that size. 1. Are fitted sheets really necessary? 2. Where's a good place to go for decent sheets with a variety of sizes? I'm in NY, and far a Bed, Bath, and Beyond turned up nothing but the recollection that I really hate that place.
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I seem to remember a Martha Stewart show that showed how you can buy a flat sheet in a larger size than the mattress and use it in place of the fitted sheet. Just fold it under. Like this.

The big department store-type chains like Sear's or Penney's have a good sheet selection. Online, I like landsend.com. (be sure to check the overstocks section)
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They also make mattress stays, which clip onto the corner of fitted sheets under the mattress and pull the sheet tight. I've used them for American fitted sheets (big) on European mattresses (not so big) and they kept the sheet in place.

I am having *no* luck finding them online for you, though. They look like mini-suspenders -- two clips attached by a couple inches of wide elastic.
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I found them.
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On preview: Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about.
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After years of looking I found fitted sheets for my extra-long full (54"x80") mattress at specialtylinens.com - maybe they can help you. They take questions at 800-725-4146.
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Flat sheets are pretty much fine, depending on how much you move. I occasionally end up just laying a flat sheet on my bed out of laziness, and it stays in place for several days without even tucking it in.

If you are looking for fitted Look for ones with very big elastics. Sometimes you can get a fitted sheet with an elastic that runs all the way from one corner to the next on the two ends. This type of sheet will conform to almost any mattress depth I would think. Easier to find in twin than queen or king though, I expect.
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I've found that weightlifting eliminated my lower back pain entirely. It doesn't help you in regards to the sheet issue, but perhaps it will solve the overall issue.

Weightlifting will strengthen your back muscles and if you're overweight, losing the gut will definitely ease the strain on your back.
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I used to do contract work for TempurPedic, one of the original distributors of the tempur foam beds. I seem to recall they often suggested that you not use sheets, as that prevents the mattress from circulating air... People would occasionally complain that the foam mattress, which slightly surrounded them as they sunk into it, was too hot, but if you didn't have sheets, it supposedly could circulate air better...
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they often suggested that you not use sheets

Not using sheets on a mattress that can't be cleaned sounds completely sane -- unless, of course, you've ever actually slept in a bed.

On preview: Yes, that's exactly what I was talking about.

How can that comment possibly be "on preview"?
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Thanks, I'll try the mini suspenders. Not sure I can go without sheets. I have a feeling it would feel too strange.

And I have also begun weightlifting, but the mattress is serious problem.
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