Help me figure out how to make a form letter! (Electronically.)
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How can I create an online form letter that users can send in the form of an email?

I've looked and looked and I can't seem to find any help on this. I want to create a pre-written email that users can send as their own to a specified recipient (or recipients).

Just like advocacy groups when they get people to write their representatives. I thought perhaps something like Wufoo would work, but it doesn't look like they have the functionality to make it work:

Any solutions that wouldn't involve hiring someone to code this for me?
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Can you talk a little more about what functionality you would like? Do you want people to be able to send the email from your site by filling in their name and clicking a button or something? Do you want to give them something they can send through their own email?

If it's more like the latter, forgive me if this is a stupid suggestion but couldn't you just put your form letter up on your site and have people copy & paste it into an email of their own? I know I've seen this done on activist sites before ...
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Best answer: You're not going to be able to send on your users' behalf, so you probably just need a simple template where users can choose some options and then generate a bunch of text they can copy and paste into their own e-mail client.

Should be fairly trivial if you know a little html and some scripting.
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Response by poster: Will do this. Got the idea after seeing something similar this morning on

DingoMutt, not a stupid question, I was operating on the assumption that the easier it is to do something, the more people will do it.
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