Zen in the big noisy city
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Zen places in Houston? (also, fishhhhhh)

I am looking for zen places. Ideally free, and very many extra bonus points if there is koi/other fish to stare at. I love me the arboretum and know about the Rothko/Menil and the butterfly pyramid.. but that's about it. I live near the Arboo, and would prefer not to drive terribly far. Still, If its in Houston, I'll consider it, especially since I drive all over for visits and such. Brazos Bend, while fun, is too far for the day to day stuff I'm looking for.
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The MFAH's Sculpture Garden at the intersection of Binz and Montrose is pretty secluded and nice.

Also, there is a large water structure at the intersection of Holcomb and Main which I've always wanted to spend more time hanging out around. No koi that I know of, but it always seems largely unpopulated. It is right off a busy intersection, though, so that might drop the Zen quotient a notch or two.
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Check out the Japanese Garden in Hermann Park. Especially adorable in spring with all the tiny ducklings around.
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If you're a bit daring and looking for Zen at night, it's quite easy to climb to the roof of the Miller Outdoor Theatre on a night with no performances, and you're pretty much guaranteed seclusion there. It's one of my favorite places in Houston and you would absolutely find zen there. (Be prepared to ruin a pair of pants, also – it might not be technically allowed but I doubt you'd be breaking any laws.)
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Jerry's Jungle is selectively open to the public and I've heard great things about it.

This isn't as zen, and it's not central, but Nelson Water Gardens is free and they have koi.
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It's a bit far, but if you find yourself in the far north side Mercer is worth a visit.
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Also, I want to put in a plug for Disco(very) Green. It can be pretty busy on weekends, and it isn't open particularly late. But if there isn't anything major going on, it can be a pretty relaxed place!
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