Where can I find an airline pilot uniform in NYC?
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Help me find an airline pilot uniform in or near New York City. Tomorrow!

Given the number of major airports in NYC, there must be a store in the city where the pilots buy their uniforms, right? Right! But I sure can't find it. Yes, it's for Halloween, so I'd settle for a good costume store, but seems like the real thing would be better and not too pricey. Maybe it's harder to find this kind of thing post 9/11? If it matters, I do have a private pilot license.

I'm specifically looking for the shirt and jacket with epaulets and stripes, and the cap.
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I strongly suspect that the real article will be difficult or impossible to come by. You might be able to improvise something from a military surplus store (epaulets, cap).
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(Less snarky: Maybe an Army-Navy surplus store?)
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I think jquinby is right, and for the same general reason that you can't buy (say) Burger King uniforms--they are supplied by specialists under contract to the operator. Having said which, a mockup based on a military uniform should work. Best bet might be a junior navy officer's uniform, since it's about the right colour. You'll need to work out you own braid though. Some airlines publish guides to what the stripes on a pilot's sleeve mean, if you want to get to that level of attention to detail.
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I'm going as Mile High Pilot Hugh Jorgan. It may too late to order online, but perhaps you can find it at a local Halloween store. The costume itself is pretty good, especially if you supplement/replace the cheesier aspects, and throw in some mirrored shades.
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Best answer: If you require a uniform jacket with braid rings on the sleeve this won't do, but if you are content with a shirt with epaulets and wings and a spiffy cap you could try Sporty's
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Sorry, I should have noticed the place/time constraints, but what's available at Sporty's does at least indicate that some pilot shops do sell uniforms 9/11 notwithstanding, so it does give you an avenue to try (there has to be a pilot shop somewhere near NYC).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the Sportys tip, Quinbus! Just ordered precisely what I need for overnight delivery.
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