How can we see shared time better?
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I regularly need to schedule complex parallel tasks with my co-workers. Is there a visual (like with circles for each hour with time divided into pie slices) google template that could be filled out easily that would help people see what has to happen when?

Ideally it'd be cleanly designed like the muji chronotebook, but as a google doc so we could share it with multiple people easily. My perfect version would have one page that you fill out, and another page that's clean that you would print with simple circles and lines coming out with times and necessary information.

If there isn't a google docs option, is there something else that would work.
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You might check out Gantt charts in Google Docs.
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I may be misunderstanding, but why wouldn't a table with the hours of the day down the side and each person having a column across the top work? You can use colors or something to fill in jobs. The Gantt charts basically take that and make it prettier.

If one person needs to be doing more than one task at once, it's a bit trickier, but you could probably just split selected cells? (Can't remember if google apps lets you do that, can't check at work.)
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I was coming in to say Gantt chart as well. You might also do a bit of research into the "critical path method" of project planning.
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Time is linear. Turning it into a lot of separate circles seems like it would make it harder to understand, not easier.
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You may be over-enamored with the Chronotebook for something that is already a solved problem. Gantts, as above.
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